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Welcome to 1930s Germany...

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  • Welcome to 1930s Germany...


    I am apprehensive of border crossing now. I'm sure I'm not the only one with a few or number of "unauthorized" mp3s or movie files on their computers. How can they even determine if the mp3 came from one of my CDs or not? (I don't support piracy, but come on, even Trent Reznor was telling us to download his music for free!).

    Anyone have war stories or advice? I plan to have all my mp3s on my 2nd internal HD, but also keep the same on an external drive, most of it is from my CD collection, but inevitably some is not. Should I wait until leaving the country to transfer from external to the laptop? How do they know where it all originates from? I wonder if they'd check the external HD.

    One of these days I will wake up in City 17. I wish I was joking. Brace yourselves.

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    Hmmmm... Hollywood and the record industry... the MP3&MPEG Nazis!!!

    I guess we're gonna have to get one of those thingies, where you push a little button, and it vaporizes your hard drives. You know, when they're about to seize your lappy to check for DRM infringements. *eg*

    Seriously, I probably would just do my thing. I'm not leaving my junk at home, I'm not going to let these morons run my life and ethically, I'm not doing anything wrong. Besides, I have backups at the house.
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