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What size case screws does the Sager NP9876/Clevo P870KM1-G use?

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  • What size case screws does the Sager NP9876/Clevo P870KM1-G use?

    About 1.5yrs ago I bought my Sager NP9876 on XoticPC. When I got it, it had one M.2 2280 500GB SSD. I had requested the laptop without drives or an OS, but for some reason XoticPC decided to include a drive running Windows 10 Home. I have an MSDN subscription and a legit 10 Enterprise license, so I naturally wanted to install a bigger drive and clean-install my OS of choice. 500GB is not nearly enough for the OS/games I play.

    So, in the back room of a coffee shop at a table all to myself, I set about removing the case screws, 9 in total. They came out, no issue. The hardest part was carefully prying the case open. I had been working on it for about an hour, it is like the case is hermettically sealed to the frame. Even with a proper precision screwdriver kit and prying tools I was getting nowhere. A guy noticed I was struggling, explained that he owned a PC repair shop in the area since the 1980s, and offered to remove the case and install my new SSD at no charge. I was amazed how he effortlessly and professionally did it in less than 60 secs without damaging anything, with nothing other than my pry tools and his hands. He gave me his business card, I thanked him, he left. However, he left me to put the case screws back in myself. And that is where I messed up.

    Fast forward to today, I attempted to remove the case and nearly succeeded, but failed because of 2 stubborn screws that just wouldnt come out, even with a magnetized screwdriver. I now suspect that I must have stripped a few of them back then, which caused them to not come out today. And I also noted that 2 were entirely missing.

    So, what I need to know is:
    What size case screws does the NP9876 use? I know there are 9, but are they all the same size? I'm going to buy these screws and spares online, but I'm not willing to pay $40+ for them (what some websites seem to be charging). Please list exact dimensions, this time I'll be extra careful to not screw them in so tightly.