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Sager NP2090 shipping Canada

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  • Sager NP2090 shipping Canada

    I've discovered your site a few days ago, and find it very complete with good prices on products. However, I'm in Canada so shipping issues is bothering me. Here's the laptop specs that I choosen :

    Sager Notebook NP2090-V Elite
    - 15.4" WSXGA+ "Matte" Type Super Clear Ultra Bright Screen (1680x1050)
    - Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound
    - Standard Dead Pixel Policy
    - ~Intel® Core™2 Duo T7500 2.2GHz w/4MB L2 On-die cache - 800MHz FSB
    - 512MB PCI-Express nVidia GeForce 8600GT DX10
    - ~ 2,048MB DDR2 667 PC2 5300 (2 SODIMMS) Dual Channel Memory
    - None Standard
    - Standard Finish
    - - Combo Dual Layer SuperMulti 8X DVDRW Drive w/ Software
    - ~ 100GB 7200RPM (Serial-ATA 150)
    - None Standard
    - Internal 4-in-1 Card Reader (SD/MMC/MS/MS PRO)
    - Built in 2.0 Megapixel Camera
    - Sound Blaster Compatible 3D Audio - Included
    - Integrated System Speakers - Included
    - Built-in Intel® PRO/Wireless 4965 802.11 a/g/n
    - Smart Li-ion Battery (9-Cell)
    - 110/220V 120W Auto Switching AC Adapter - Included
    - Integrated Fingerprint Reader
    - None Standard - Drivers & Utility Software Only
    - 3 Year Parts & Labor Warranty 24/7 Tech Support

    So first, with shipping with UPS, i know that we need to pay custom duties on arrival here in canada (20% of the price ;S ) that's not very interesting at all. I heard that USPS doesn't charge this duties. Is it true? If so, the total amount would be ; laptop price + USPS internationnal shipping cost on the site only ??

    Another question, i heard of the Credit Card Free Warranty Upgrades (Yes FREE!). Is it applicable for canadian with visa?? if so, what does i have to do..

    Next question, this computer arrive all builded, not separate parts like barebone?

    Question four, the warranty apply no problem for canadian ? If something happen to the laptop, you pay shipping if i have to send it to you?? how does it work?

    Final question, in how much time approx. should i be expected to receive this laptop in canada if i order it today by usps?


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    It's funny, I'm in the exact same situation and I am planning to order almost the exact same PC as you.

    I called UPS (which is the method of shipping that Xotic uses for Canada) and they said for a $1400-$1500 laptop that brokerage fees will be about $80.

    I also called Canadian border services and they said there are NO duties on electronics!

    HOWEVER, UPS said that there probably will be duties on it, so I'm not sure (but I'd think border services would know better).

    So basically, if you use UPS, I'd say you'd have to pay (Laptop Price) + (Shipping Cost) + (UPS Brokerage Fee of $80).

    I have also heard that USPS brokerage fees are much cheaper though, so perhaps that is a better option.


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      i ordered almost the same computer over two weeks ago and it is still not in stock :/


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        good, nice to find someone in the same situation

        only 80$ for brokerages fees seems not to bad, but I've heard that it was 20% for most of package..

        I've bought some items on ebay from usa and most of the time, i needed to pay for duties, all electronics.. they was shipped with UPS..

        That's why i was interested with usps, because they don't bather with this, i heard of..

        hope to get answers for my questions soon :?


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          Originally posted by Convergence
          i ordered almost the same computer over two weeks ago and it is still not in stock :/
          I think that's because of the WSXGA+, even if you get it in matte they're a little slower on that.


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            xoticpc offer usps internationnal for about 223 USD to ship to canada. at this price, normal thing would be to cut off brokerage fees (that are 15-20%) and custom duties..
            But I want a confirmation first before pleases soon

            edit : i've just called ups to check out price of shipping, and yes it's costy ;S. about 80-90$ only for the shipping, they includes taxes after, so price become really heavy


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              Pat did you get all of your questions answered?
              Justin Nolte
              [email protected]


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                In fact, not all of them.

                For canadian, the best is to use USPS shipping but not with EMS. This way, we won't pay extra fees that can go like 30% of the product price, because there's no duty or brokerage.
                But when i attempt to order, i can only choose the shipping usps with EMS. However, i've send an email to the services email and they told me that i can be shipped with usps for 73 USD. But i cant see the option when i want to order. So I would like to know the procedure to choose this way of shipping.

                Also with USPS, i not sure if they make us pay provincial and federal taxes?

                The question of waranty in canada was not answered yet..



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                  I will reply to your email you sent with the questions
                  Justin Nolte
                  [email protected]


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                    well Justin, you didn't reply yet

                    service of xoticpc replied me not completely. They say that they offer usps only with Ems, BUT probably you can verify this and make USPS available to canada without EMS. Not a big deal usually not using EMS...

                    And I want a procedure if I can order with shipping USPS without ems because the option's not there on the website.

                    That's the only thing that bugging me for purchasing this laptop.

                    For canadian, really hard to do buisness with USA when shipping can cost 25% of the product and more (that's with UPS, Fedex, ...). Only USPS is the solution for canada, again without EMS because as said, purolator (ups) take the package at the line and apply duty and brokerage fees.

                    Don't know if you have many canadian customers, but just this is cutting xoticpc many customers.. unless you offer USPS without EMS

                    reply soon ;P

                    edit : one more thing, what are the brand of the ram in these laptop??


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                      You can release of your shipment yourself. You have to go to a CBSA Office with your papers and invoice, pay the taxes (no duties). You go to UPS warehouse, show them the release papers and you will walk away with your shipment. They did a report on that on TV (JE, TVA french).



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                        Pat, we replied to your email. Feel free to email us back if you have any other questions.

                        We use major brand Ram in the systems that have been certified for the machine
                        Justin Nolte
                        [email protected]


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                          ok ill recapitulate ;P

                          There's no custom charges for any computer laptop, even if it isn't build in USA (i've asked in a CBSA near my house). However, UPS will charge some brokerage fees excessively high (up to 30%) that we can't do nothing. I've asked UPS office near my house and they told me that for my purchase, better go with USPS postal service, no EMS or any other option they offer.
                          And the guy of CBSA told me the same... Or get the package to some place in USA and I'll go pick it up myself.

                          So I'm asking Xoticpc if they can ship with USPS postal service, no EMS or any other option??
                          UPS inside USA is a real charm, outside the country kinda nightmare for the customers, unless he got mucho money.
                          What's the procedure to ship to a different place (USA instead of CAN) of my credit card with UPS and be eligible to 3% discount.

                          First option with usps seems quite easy to do, i would go with this option, just need confirmation

                          thx to answer fast


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                            We will do some more checking in to what services we can do through USPS. Please email us direct and we can discuss the shipping options.
                            Justin Nolte
                            [email protected]


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                              already asked the service..

                              just tell me if it's possible to use USPSnormal servce (no option) or priority mail or air mail ?