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Canadian Student in a bind.

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  • Canadian Student in a bind.

    Hello. Yes, i realize that there is a similiar topic just below, but it was not quite clear and i had a few unique questions that i needed to ask.

    I am a 17 y/o canadian (BC) student going into Grade 12 next year, and i am on a rediculously tight budget, hoping to keep the purchase of an NP2090 to under $1500 canadian. Unfortunately, in the week of research i have done, it seems that i could end up paying up to 30% of the laptops price in customs, taxes and brokerage, which is just plain rediculous!

    So, i need to know the following before i place my order:

    1. I heard that ordering through USPS will save me the additional fee's,a nd result in me only paying shipping. Is this true? Is tehre any way to order through USPS on XoticPC, only not the $223 EMS option?

    2. What fee's can i expect to pay? It seems like nobody knows at all, which is rather foolsih to me, since the 2090 is not the first laptop a canadian has ordered from the states, i'm sure. Will i have to pay PST & GST? or just one and not the other? What customs and brokerage fee's can be expected?

    3. Does anyone know if the 8600GT in the 2090 can be upgraded at a later date? The bus type is listed as PCI-E, but i heard somewhere that Sager video cards are not upgradeable. Is the CPU upgradeable?

    4. What would you estimate the battery life of the 2090 is?

    5. if i ordered mid-august, would you think it would arrive in interior BC before september?

    Questions 1 & 2 are the most crucial, and will probobly seal my order if i hear good news.

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    Hello, Welcome to the Forums

    1. We have a NON EMS options for $80 in our checkout on our website.
    2. We dont charge the fees, it is imposed by your border. It is usually 15-20% of the items price. (I would recommend calling a broker and discussing fees with them)
    3. The Video cannot be upgraded in the 2090. However the CPU is upgradeable
    4. The 2090 is between 3-4 hours.
    5. It is nearly impossible to project future shipping dates on a future order. I assume it would be ok, but the industry changes every day.

    Let us know if you have any other questions we can assist you with
    Justin Nolte
    [email protected]


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      Ahh, thank you very much, that is much clearer! So the USPS Priority Mail option ships to canada as well?

      I'll be placing my order in early august then! Glad to be doing buisness with someone as helpful as Xotic!


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        That is correct!

        Thank you for your kind words!
        Justin Nolte
        [email protected]


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          I'm in the same situation

          The brokerage fees are pretty low about 5 or 8$ for any items...
          There's no custom fees on any laptop coming from USA, even if it wasn't built in the country (i've asked to CBSA office).
          The only thing costy would be the taxes, depend of your province. In Quebec, 14% (TPS+TVQ).
          For canadian, this is the best option offered, but will probably take some weeks to arrive (maybe not months, hope so). But with UPS, Fedex, purolator, name it, you will pay extra cost
          Although, xoticpc don't have receive these computer yet. But I suggest you to order now because of exchange rate of 0,95$ CAN/USA and the fantastic offer of Sager Notebook NP2090-V Elite. I've changed nothing at all. Perfect specs (best processor for price, ram cheaper than ultra a little, great screen (matte better for movie and games and eyes ;P )).

          So just take Priority Mail International with USPS, dont know what insurance take for the package when sending with USPS. Justin, have a clue? What happen if laptop is DOA (dead on arrival) ??

          Also, do you change keyboard (for QWERTY) ??


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            We insure all packages for loss or damage. You will be covered either way. If the laptop is DOA it would need to come back for inspection.
            Justin Nolte
            [email protected]