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IFL90/Sager 2090 Alternative Timetable

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  • IFL90/Sager 2090 Alternative Timetable

    This seems like the sort of question that might help others, so I figured I'd ask here.

    Many of us who have ordered an IFL90 or Sager 2090 are running out of time and looking at alternatives. In an attempt to better plan how long I can wait, I started working backwards from the absolute latest day I need a laptop in my hands.

    My question is: For models that are (as far as we know) in stock, what kind of wait can we expect between the day we change our order to the day it leaves your hands (shipping not included, as that may differ or be delayed outside your control)?

    Are there significant differences between models? In specific, I'm interested in the Asus S96S and Asus G1.

    I'm guessing that there are many variables for this estimate, but I'm just looking for something more accurate than my own guesswork.
    I'm guessing . . .

    2-3 days to settle the discrepancy in cost for a more expensive machine via bank transfer

    0 days for a cheaper machine, assuming the surplus can be returned as you begin work on the machine

    ? days waiting our turn in a build queue of some sort?

    5 days (minimum) for assembly and testing, 96hrs burn in plus a full day for assembly/os install/unforeseen issues/repackaging

    1 day in shipping queue/waiting on pickup

    ? days for Voodoo/Oprah/Justin blessing/exorcism/autograph?

    For a total of something like a week and a half, assuming the above is work week days. Add three days shipping, and it's about a round two weeks.

    How'd I do?

    And finally, rest assured that there are at least a few of us out here who are bummed but not hateful. In my case, I only wish I had an extra two months before I become un-ship-to-able.

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    Hey DJ you could always just go to xotic's office and pick up the notebook, that would save you 2-3 days. Omaha to Lincoln is only like 40-50 minutes.


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      That's a good idea, I'll have to ask about that.
      I didn't think about it, I just kind of assumed that they built them elsewhere.


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        The S96S and G1S are in stock and can ship in 2-5 business days from order.

        It usually takes 24-48 hours to make a order change.

        Please email in if you have some changes to make or if you have any questions
        Justin Nolte
        [email protected]