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HEL80 / IFL90 / HGL30 options and shipping to Australia

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  • HEL80 / IFL90 / HGL30 options and shipping to Australia

    EDIT: Did a bit more research, still have some questions though . I put the info I found below in case someone else wants to know the same stuff.

    Hello Xotic PC. I have some questions about three Compal barebones laptops if you don't mind. I've done quite a bit of research but I want to clarify a few things before I place my order.


    1. Could you please provide an estimate on shipping to Melbourne, Australia for HEL80 / IFL90 sized laptops (~6.0 pounds)? What about HGL30 (~5.3 pounds)?

    2. Is the IFL90 barebones available with the glossy WXGA (1280x800) screen? Is the 9-cell battery standard with this screen?The glossy WXGA screen is available on the Sager 2090, but not selectable on the FORCE 3297 or barebones IFL90 on the Buy/Customize page. The 9-cell battery is only standard with the WSXGA+ screen.
    Is the glossy WXGA available on request with the IFL90 barebones?

    5. Is the Lifeview LR535 TV Tuner module available for the HEL80? If not, can it be purchased as an OEM part when combined in the same order? Does it come with the remote? The barebones HEL80 doesn't have the option on the Buy/Customize page, but FORCE 3295 does. As far as I know this part is only available OEM. The remote is included.
    Is the LR535 TV Tuner available on request with the HEL80 barebones?

    7. What TV tuner options are available for the IFL90? Is the LR535 compatible? The LR535 is probably the standard option (because it's marked as not being MCE-compatible by some vendors, as with the HEL80). Apparently though, BDA drivers are included on the driver CD. There are drivers available for Vista. Sager offer two other MCE-comptible tuners for the 2090, but I'm not sure of their interface.


    3. Are 9-cell batteries standard with the HEL80 and HGL30 models (glossy screens)? Yes, standard with both.

    4. How many Mini PCI Express slots are on the HEL80 and IFL90 models? What about the HGL30? HEL80 has 2. IFL90 has 3, including the one above the keyboard for the Robson card. HGL30 only has one, for the wireless card.

    6. Is it true that the digital tuner on the LR535 is for DVB-T broadcast systems? (as opposed to the United States ATSC system). Does the analogue tuner also support FM radio?It is DVB-T, meaning the digital tuner won't be usable in the United States. One owner said it does support FM radio, one reseller said that it didn't.

    8. Are the Mini PCI wireless options for these laptops just the standard Intel 2915ABG/3945ABG/4965AGN adaptors? Are there any connectors for antennas or similar?Yes they are the standing Intel Mini PCI Express adaptors. They do have antenna connectors. The retail package includes the antenna, I'm not sure about the OEM. You can buy them cheaply from eBay if you don't get one.

    9. Is the internal Bluetooth module for the HEL80 the same as the one for EL80, HGL30 or IFL90? The HEL80 and HGL30 option is an 8-pin Foxconn T60H928 which supports Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR. The EL80 may use a newer revision of the same module (Foxconn T60H928.03), but I have also seen Acces VBI modules for this laptop. The IFL90 option is a newer version again (T60H928.06), which uses the Broadcom BCM92045MD/BCM2045 chipset. This later one is used widely on Dells and Acers. It's possible that they are all interchangeable.

    Thanks for your patience

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      Laptop shipping to Australia is $223. We will have the WXGA 2090 Glossy soon. It is not expected in for a while so we will list soon.

      I am sorry I do not have the exact model of the TV Tuner. It hasnt arrived into stock yet. It is also not available at this time for the HEL80.
      Justin Nolte
      [email protected]


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        Thank you.