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Vista or Ubuntu.

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  • Vista or Ubuntu.

    I'm planning to buy the Sager Np2090 with 2gbs of ram, and a intel duo 2 core processor at 2.0ghz.

    One question is, I don't know which operating system to go with. Vista i've heard has had some problems, but I called in a few days ago and said that all your employees at your company building is running vista and they have no problems. Also it's direct 10x, and XP WILL NOT get direct 10x from what I've seen and read. Meaning I might not be able to use the video card to my full potential if I decide to go with XP. Also it's practically Microsoft shoving vista down our throats, and trying to get people to switch. Then I heard about Unbuntu, it is free, and it's a linux program. I know nobody who uses it, and I probably can't play games at all with it so I don't know. Has anyone heard or try Unbuntu?

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    Yes, I know what Ubuntu is. In fact, I am running it right now. Ubuntu is wonderful. It is so much faster than even XP, let alone vista, doesn't get viruses, and is completely free. While you can't play most games on it, there are some that work. Look around on google, or the ubuntu forums, for more information on that. But if you are looking for an operating system for anything other than gaming, definitly get ubuntu. The forums are great; if you have a question, people will quickly help you out. Go for it!


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      And in fact, using a program like "wine" or "cedega" you can actually play quite a large amount of windows games, some as old as Diablo.


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        And if you are into eye-candy, it is quiet easy to make Ubuntu look MUCH better than Vista, but while using a smaller amount of processing power. Check out this video clip: www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4Fbk52Mk1w


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          Vista & Linux

          I'm in the same boat. The gaming issue is the problem. I'm not that much of a gamer, mostly Valve stuff, but would like to play a few of the newer games not playable on Linux. I think dual booting is smartest. I can use Linux predominantly and any program/game that doesn't work can be run under Vista.

          I heard that Windows has to be installed first before installing Linux? Its going to be a pain in the ass setting all this up.


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            Here is a site that makes the dual boot install real easy. This is what I plan on using when I get my 9262.


            Enjoy. 8)
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