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Stuck Pixels

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  • Stuck Pixels


    Just got my NP2090 and I love it. I'm glad I made the purchase,but I realized that my screen has two "stuck" blue pixels. They are strongly visable on black backgrounds. I'm just wondering if there's anything I can do to fix the problem. Thanks.

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    There are a couple methods to fix "stuck" pixels.

    1. I recommend running this program first. Click here for program.

    2. Fix a Stuck Pixel.


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      How long should I let the program run before stopping? Should I keep the flash interval at 25ms?
      Also,Is the pressure/massaging method safe if UD Pixel fails?



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        Let the program run for a couple of hours.

        If that doesn't fix it, try running some of the other programs listed in the "How to Fix a Stuck Pixel."

        If all else fails use the pressure method.


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          I had one stuck pixel on my sager 5971, a friend of mine saw it, flicked my screen lightly in the area it was having issues with, and it disappeared, haven't seen it back yet.


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            I also have this problem. Straight out of the box my 2090 with the WXGA glossy screen has one stuck yellow pixel on the left side. I've tried multiple stuck yellow pixel flashing image programs for multiple hours and it hasn't fixed it.

            I also tried a couple of the pressure methods, from massaging it, to turning on the laptop while pressing on it, to using a stylus to tap on it with progressive pressure, and it won't go away.

            Sometimes with massaging it will turn from yellow to red (which I guess is a good sign, since red is just one color of RGB, while yellow is a combination of two), but it will inevitably turn back to yellow.

            Anyone have any special techniques they like to share? It is rather irritating, especially on a brand new laptop.


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              Just wanted to say I fixed my pixel. It took a huge amount of effort. I tried about 5 different flashing pixel movies, rubbing etc, no good.

              What finally worked was the movie from this link:


              I let the movie run for about 5-10 minutes, then massaged it during the movie. It got slightly better, moved from yellow to red, then I used my stylus from my cell phone and massaged it quite hard for a good 60 seconds and it went away. I did however leave a ding in the screen, but it's much less noticable, still, be careful.