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questions on the Sager NP5791

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  • questions on the Sager NP5791

    I was thinking of ordering a Sager laptop after doing some research into the custom scene, and i have some questions. I really love the look and options of the NP5791, esp with the orange trim, stellar! Anywho, i have also checked out other reseller websites too and have questions about this site...

    1. I noticed a couple other sellers had a diff setup for the wireless/LAN. the intel 4965N with Bluetooth was optional, is this standard on the NP5791 from XoticPC?

    2. What brands of RAM do u guys use for your laptops?

    3. Is the return policy also include if i recieve it and just dont care for the laptop in general? (this is my first laptop and i havent purchased anything like this online, so not being able to see it in person first is very intimidating)

    4. I like the specs on the 7950GTX vid card, but is it wiser to go with the 8700GT becuase it supports DX10? i plan on sticking with XP for my OS, i dont have Vista and have heard nasty things about it, ill prob upgrade to Vista after SP1 comes out at the earliest.

    5. What are the shipping rates for your site? I couldnt find any info and wasnt sure if u have free shipping specials or anything along those lines.

    6. Last question, lol. On the warranty page, it mentions the 3 year with LCD coverage; but on the specs page for the NP5791 it mentions optional Acidental Damage Protection coverage for full coverage of the laptop. Is this included with the optional warranty or an extra that isnt listed?

    Thanks for answering my questions. I like the reviews i have read about Sager/Clevo laptops and the NP5791 looks promising, any other info about the build quality/functions would be helpful too (personal opinions obviously).


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    1) it is standard and it includes EDR,which basically can get you twice or even 3 times faster data transfer than regular Bluetooth.
    2)major RAM brands
    3)basically, if you're in the US,and somthing happens to the notebook, they take care of it. Internationally you pay the shipping both ways
    4) 8700GT is a midranger card that won't play but lower resolution gaming...go with7950GTX , especially if you`re sticking to XP, gaming will be awesome. Everything on high or maximum besides,you'll be able to upgrade later the video card,courtesy of MXM IV
    5)The shipping rates vary from 50$ 3 days, 62$ 2 days, and 90 something overnight shipping. The shipping rates appear after you select how you pay ( you customise the laptop, go to next step and choose shipping)
    6) Build quality on Sager notebooks is top notch. Sager makes the damn best and fastest laptops in the world. Were I you and ready to spend 3500$, I would consider the NP9261. If not, the Sager 5791 is the best possible option in the 2k range.

    I highly recomend XoticPc as a Sager retailer, especially since you said it's your first time buying a laptop, and online. You can call them and most definitely they'll be glad to help, or try contacting LiveChat on the front page.

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      thanks for the info, totally helpful. I was checking out the 9261, and it is sweet. But i really dont need a total desktop replacement laptop, since my pc is custom and i had the internals replaced 1 1/2 yrs ago, and it still runs fine. Ill be working on that tho another day. The 5791 would be the perfect compliment to my setup, it has the power to game like i would want, and the portability if i need it.

      I do have another question tho, how long is the average build time for a laptop?

      If i think up any more questions, ill let everyone know. Thanks again!

      -- I found another thing i had a question about, in the specs page for the 5791 it mentions an "AudioDJ front panel with MP3 playback ability". I dont see this in the pics, unless it is refering to the audio ports on the front for headphones/mic and such.


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        I received my Sager NP5790 today but it's with orange trim and what i have ordered is white trim, did they changed my order without noticing me?