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sli 7950gtx vs single 7950 gtx

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  • sli 7950gtx vs single 7950 gtx

    Wud it be ok if i get a single 7950 gtx.i will be using the laptop for playing games as well and ya i'm talking about the ones with extreme graphics like crysis and bioshock.i'm anyways planning to upgrade to 8800 later on(i hope it has the right form factor to be upgraded to.keepin my fingers crossed) which i read somewhere that its as powerful as sli 7950 gtx plus it has dx10 capabilities.
    Hey Justine wud appreciate ur advice here

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    You can purchase a single 7950 GPU.

    At this time we cannot guarantee that the 8800 will fit the form factor.
    The 8800 has not yet been released for laptops.


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      To further answer your question, I have the NP5791 and BioShock runs smoothly.
      However I have to be honest, not even a 8800GTX desktop video card can fully handle the game at highest details and resolutions.
      A typical resolution of 1024x800 would be perfect for high details on the 7950. I did not run benchmarks on it, but me eye-o-meter says that the 7950 handles gaming awesome. It plays every possible game, but for the newest ones you have to cut down on some demanding texture details.

      About the 8700GTX video card, namely the 8800 mobile version , nvidia has stated a few time that their intent is to get it ready as soon as possible.The power requirements for a 8800 GTX can reach the 150W limit, whereas the 7950 GTX mobile version runs at 45 W. There is a long way and a lot of raw power that will be cut so that the 8700GTX ( or 8800M) can fit a notebook without overheating it.

      Another interesting fact about the Sager 5791 is that it has MXM IV module, making it MOST LIKELY to support upcoming video cards, but it would be inexact to say that it will definitely do so. The 5791 and the 9261 are among the fastest and most upgradeable laptops in the world, and that plus the excelent power performance makes them ideal for gaming.
      I would choose the 9261 if I were a hardcore gamer, or th 5791 if you can cut down on some performance , but you still want raw power in gaming.
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