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Three Major Questions about NP9261

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  • Three Major Questions about NP9261


    I have been waiting awhile to purchase a new desktop, but now that I have my new job at college, I would really like a laptop.

    I really like the NP9261, because it offers great power, which would be perfect since then I wouldn't need to build a new desktop, and would have the mobility of a laptop.

    Here are my three concerns:

    1.) Heat:
    I was planning on getting either the E6850, or the Q6700. I am worried that these processors will produce A LOT of heat for such a small machine. Have there been any problems concerning these processors and heat? I think my biggest fear is that the heat will wear down the components, and that in a year or so, things will start to break.

    2.) Battery life:
    Again, with these two processors, what is the approximate battery life on a full charge?

    3.) Mobility
    I will be taking this to and from work, to and from meetings etc etc. How well can this thing stand being carried around and shaken up a bit? I mean, I am not going to go running with my laptop on me, but it definitely needs to hold up. I was originally going to get a Lenovo ThinkPad, because everyone says they are incredibly sturdy (one person told me he dropped it and it was fine), but if I were to do that, I would need to upgrade my desktop.

    Thank you very much for your time!

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    1) For the fastest laptop in the world , and the first quad core laptop, it still runs pretty cool. You can check Justin's review here http://www.xoticpc.com/sager-np9260-...view-a-36.html or another one : http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?t=133052

    2) Battery life should range fom 40 minutes in gaming and about 1 hour and a half in normal browsing. It basically serves as a backup plug , in case of power outages, but appart from that, there is too much power required to keep this beast running. Note that the power brick itself weights about 1 pound or two, but the performance of the 9261 is unparalleled. By no other laptop!

    3) Mobility : it weights 11.5 pounds with the battery and it could reach 15 pounds with 2 video cards and 2 hdd drives. It is a DTR in all senses, but is more portable. If you cand carry it , it will hold. It is sturdy and well assembled.
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      I don't plan on running SLI or any RAID setup, so do you still think I will only get 1hour 30min when simply browsing?

      I was really hoping to get at the LEAST 3 hours out of the battery. Without being able to be on for three hours, it makes it almost pointless to have, since I will need to use it for work. I realize I could just buy an extra battery, but I really do not wish to do so.

      Well, I guess I will have to look into the T7700 processors, or wait for Intel's 45nm processors to come out.