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Confused? (canadian shipping answers in here)

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  • Confused? (canadian shipping answers in here)

    (first off, let me say, if this post doesn't answer any questions, i'll have more accurate ones soon, my mum is a CBSA officer)

    after much pawing through the CBSA website (http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/)

    this is what i've come up with:
    according to this page [here].
    You'll have to pay the applicable provincial taxes
    (GST+PST or HST+PST depending on where you live.)
    the only real exception is to little things and normally PST items (kids clothing, art supplies if you're a student, etc.)

    this in an excerpt from here

    I brought the machine across the line myself.<-This line doesn't matter because getting it through the post or from UPS is the same idea. Taking advantage of the fact that laptops are covered under the technology category at Customs Canada and thus exempt from fees, I did not pay any duty or brokerage costs. I paid $200 CAD in taxes (PST+GST).

    so to reiterate,
    no duties on Laptops because they aren't dutiable.

    you have to pay your province's taxes though.

    (GST/PST or HST/PST if you live in Newfoundland/Labrador, Nova Scotia or New Brunswick)

    hope this helped.

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    so basically what your saying is that i just have to pay the shipping method lets say ups ground which is 57$ plus gst and pst?

    btw thanks for your post =)


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      yup, thats exactly it, and i should mention that i've comfirmed this with my mum.

      so no duties, yay.

      next, i'll try to tackle using UPS without getting burned.


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        i live in ontario so taxes still applies? i didnt see ontario included in the provinces. have u got the laptop yet maybe there are fees when it comes to your door. ive heard people in this forum who have paid brokerage fees


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          ontario pays GST+PST, and the only fees OTHER than taxes, would be those lame ass UPS charges.

          also Canada Post charges 5$ iirc.


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            ups charges which one are those?


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              Hi everyone. If you ship UPS GROUND, you will be charged brokerage fees, which can be very expensive.

              If you ship UPS EXPRESS, the brokerage fees are included. Overall, UPS express is a better deal for Canadians on laptop shipping.

              I shipped mine UPS express and only had to pay taxes. It's also gets here a lot faster as well (except some UPS delivery drivers are jerks and don't do their job properly).


              Too bad I got sent a DUD and had to send it back to Sager after 3 days of use. They won't cover RMA shipping to Canada. So I had to pay extra cash because they sent me a defective laptop!


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                So when us Canadians pay the GST+PST, when do we pay it exactly?

                When UPS delivers our order, will there be a payment attached? Or do we pay the courrier? Or do they hold our order at the border till we pay?


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                  The last time I ordered something through UPS from the states, I paid the UPS guy when he delivered the package to my door.


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                    So, this seems to be conflicting. Do or do we not pay brokerage with normal shipping, and if we do how much do we pay besides taxes?


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                      With normal UPS shipping you will have to pay Brokerage fee's. If you choose the express option (more expensive) you will not be charged brokerage fee's. I have heard Brokerage Fee's ranging from $80-$100.
                      Justin Nolte
                      [email protected]


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                        I was a little lost about it all as well...

                        UPS actually has a table on their site, based on the value of the item. It does work out to around $80 for what I'd assume to be the average purchase.

                        I've been told we shouldn't have to pay duty at the boarder for electronics, but UPS nor Xotic have any control there. Will for certain soon enough I suppose.


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                          When I recieved my computer just after christmas I had the UPS express shipping. I didn't pay brokerage fee's or duty, I did however have to pay the taxes for it, which was just over $350.



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                            anyone know if you pay canadian taxes on the total cost (with shipping) or the sub-total?


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                              Hey everyone, so lets get this straight.

                              * Laptops are not eligible for Duty fees because of some technology technicality.

                              * Since customs should not be charging duties, you probably won't have to pay a Customs Charge when the stuff arrives at your door

                              * The only thing you should have to pay is your respective Provincial Tax (PST) and Government Tax (GST) (also, I think Brokerage is still applicable if you payed for shipping that did not include it)

                              Here is an article I found about Tax, Customs and Brokerage charges: http://www.photoprice.ca/article/tax...ge-demystified

                              I think it's safer to go w/ the brokerage shipping, and then you only have to worry about tax. If they make you pay customs charges, that doesn't make any sense since you can't duty a laptop. (supposedly) From the original post by deadpixels, it sounds like you can get out of Brokerage charges as well. I'm not sure about this. If anyone has any information on that, please... do share :P and save us all 70 bucks.