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So is anyone going to pre-order 8800M GTX SLI?

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  • So is anyone going to pre-order 8800M GTX SLI?

    I can't wait till the 6th of December I want to pre-order the nVIDIA 8800M GTX SLI and I can't wait till I get it. So is anyone else going to pre-order the 8800M GTX SLI?
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    I'm stoked for it, but I'm going to wait to see how it performs on Vista 64. I've had pretty poor performance using my 7950 SLIs in Vista 64. I hope the drivers are good. I haven't really seen the framerates I was expecting with anything. Maybe it's the fact I'm running dx9 cards in a dx10 environment. So hopefully the 8800s will fix that.


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      I've heard Vista doesn't permit drivers as much direct access to sound & video as Xp. They have to go through an extra abstraction layer in the Os. That's what it looked like when I was running it.
      It may be a year or more before it permits all the functionality and performance of Xp. If ever.


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        I was considering getting the 8800 GTX until I saw the price tag attached!!! 300-500 I could handle, but almost 900 :shock: !!! thats a little
        too sweet for my blood... I just hope this means the 7950 GTX price will drop. :wink:
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