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Just got my NP5791

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  • Just got my NP5791

    I ordered an NP5791 last week and I just got it an hour ago. Thought I would give some impressions.

    To be perfectly honest, the box it comes in is a little concerning. Mine was fairly dirty and it didn't exactly impress me when the UPS guy dropped it off. However after I opened the box, all my fears were put to rest.

    The build quality of the 5791 is fantastic. It feels really solid and well built. The screen hinges are tight and seem like they will last well over time.

    The screen itself is very nice. I went with the glossy 1900x1200 model. Mine came with no dead pixels and it's impressive.

    I'm going to go back and finish setting everything up, but I wanted to add that Justin made a point to get the laptop out to me extremely fast. Excellent service is always important when buying a computer and i'm glad I went with Xotic.

    I'll be back later with some more details.

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    Sounds good! Report back and let us know your impression of the machine and its performance.
    Justin Nolte
    [email protected]


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      I just spent the better part of the day customizing and getting it the way I want it.

      Right when I first got it, I ran 3dmark to see what kind of score I would get. Came out to 4600. Not bad at all for a laptop and since i'm not too concerned with gaming, I was fine with it.

      Ran the Crysis demo which was averaging 10 frames per second, which I assumed was because the game demands so much.

      UT3 demo was averaging around 40, definitely better and very playable.

      Just installed the 169.09 drivers from laptopvideo2go and all I can say is wow...My 3dmark score only increased 200 points, but crysis is now averaging between 20-30 which is fairly playable and UT3 is averaging between 50-60. It's super smooth.

      I'm running both games at 1280x720 with medium settings. I'm very happy with that level of performance from a laptop that costs as much as it did.

      I think the thing I love most about this laptop is the screen. I'm so glad that I decided to go with the 1900x1200 option, because I love having all this space on my desktop. I'm having no problems with text size and it looks very nice.

      Two things that many people are concerned with are the speakers and the fans.

      The speakers....what can I say. They are the only thing I am somewhat disappointed by. They aren't the worst I've ever heard, but they really could have been better. Everything sounds somewhat flat and tinny. They get fairly loud and get the job done, but there is room for improvement. Again, they aren't so bad that I wouldn't recommend the 5791 to anyone, I just wish they were a little better.

      The fans are not as loud as I thought they would be. I know that other notebooks are relatively silent, but for the amount of power the 5791 packs in, i'm very satisfied with the amount of noise it makes. Plus the best thing is that the notebook stays cool. It has been on all day and it's only lukewarm to the touch.

      I've installed a bunch of programs, downloaded all the updates for Vista and have not run into ANY probles of any kind. It boots up very fast and runs even faster.

      One feature that I had absolutely no hope for was the fingerprint reader, I really though it was a gimmick and some cheap add on because it was included in the package. Well, it's not. It works great. Logging into windows and all my favorite websites with the swipe of a finger is amazing and so easy. The software does an excellent job and it almost never fails to read my prints.

      I know my post is all over the place and not very well organized, so I apologize for that. If anyone is considering the 5791, I definitely recommend they get it.

      I think that's enough for now, I think i'll play a little Unreal. If anyone has any questions about the 5791, i'll be happy to answer as best I can.



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        Syde can you please post your system specs?
        Sager NP5792

        Microsoft Windows Vista Premium 64-Bit
        17" WUXGA
        Intel Core 2 Duo T7700 2.4GHz
        4 GB DDR2 667 RAM
        1 GB Intel Robson Turbo Memory
        500 GB 7200RPM Seagate Momentus HD
        nVidia GeForce 8800M GTX 512MB GDDR3