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5792 v 9262

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  • 5792 v 9262

    Im looking for a bit of advice. Im thrown on which one will fit my needs.

    With the HW Id like in a machine, Im trying to decide on which would be best.

    I priced a 9262 with the stuff Id like for about 3000. Mainly the Q6600 and the 3.0 HDD and the 4gig RAM with 800 FSB.

    Pricing the 5792, obviously I cant get the Q6600 but I get the 4 gig with 667 FSB but no 3.0 HDD.

    If I stick with the 5792, I can add a bunch of frill like the Robson and the TV Tuner and still be under the 3K dollar mark.

    I just wish that some of the features that the 9262 had available were also available in the 5792.

    PROS and CONS choice follows:
    If I went with the 9262:
    PROS: Q6600 and higher FSB RAM and better HDD
    CONS: Money and no fingerprint thinger. Also, no Robson.

    If I went with the 5762:
    PROS: Cheaper, lot more frilly stuff that I can add. (fingerprint, Robson)
    CONS: Lower FSB and slower HDD. No Q6600 or "E" series Duo Cores.

    Let me know what yall are thinking. Im using this PC for a bit of everything. Game performace is high priority but MS OFfice stuff will be there as well. Vista Ult will be installed (it's sitting here awaiting my choice) I called XOTIC Customer Support and a nice tech let me know of the main differences. Im leaning toward the 5792 but I dont want to be "burned" by poor choices in like 6 months time. This is a desktop replacement as I wont be at home too much.


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    If gaming priority is the first thing you`re going for then the 9262 is the way to go! It packs all the power you need, 4 CPU, 3 hdds,and 2 GPUs. The price is because of that, higher thn your regular 17` DTR, but it`s the best price for this kind of performance.

    The 5792,on the other hand, has better battery life,is more portable and less bulky.It is a DTR also, but packs only about half the power of the 5792.
    As a fellow gamer, for just 50% more over the 5792,I`d recommend going for the 9262.Runs cool and quiet,and packs all the power you`ll ever need
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      some good points there. ty

      Id like to order this thing soon but Im still thrown. I think Id like to see some benches of the two to compare the price/performance ratio.

      Im not too interested in spending the cash for 2 GPU nor the RAID. Maybe that will be more of an indicator?

      thx again for the reply


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        two GPU and raid are some of the primary reasons to get a 9262.

        The desktop processor vs the mobile processor would then be the only advantage.

        I am unsure, however, how much the processor helps for gaming. I have yet to see any benchmarks directly matching up a single GPU 9262 vs a 5792.

        I would imagine that in any properly coded multi-thread game or application, the Q6600 will be twice as fast as the T7700.
        This 'should' equate to a lot more FPS in a game. Key aspect here being that the game is designed for multiple threads, which 'should' be the wave of the future.

        Personally, I went with the 9262 as I will get SLI video cards as well as RAID.

        In a matter of days I am sure that Xotic will post a review of the 9262 with a single GPU ( since it will be available earlier than the SLI GPU version )

        As the 5792 benchmark has already been revealed, you will be able to know how much of a difference it makes.

        The fingerprint thing is cool, I don't see why they didn't put that on the 9262.

        Don't bother with Robson, it has been shown to not do anything ( as far as I know, some quick googles can find a lot of info )

        If you are truly using it as a desktop replacement, I would highly suggest the 9262, although both laptops are more than adequate for day to day use ( excel, word, firefox, etc )

        Also, this way you can never get the feeling... "should i have gotten the 9262 instead?" hehe. Originally, I bought the 5791, but returned it and now have a 9262 on pre-order.

        There was nothing wrong with it, but I felt like I kinda went halfway with the 5791. The battery life is better, it is more of a mobile platform and that is not what I planned on using it for.

        My laptop will be parked in the same place, with an AC adapter on 100% of the time. This was more reason for me to get the 9262.

        The difference in price is about $400-500 or so right? I think that is worth getting the Q6600.

        Size and weight are the same, as far as practicality goes in my opinion. They are both very large and very heavy, but awesome. The q6600 is more future proof, as more and more applications/games will be designed for quad-core use.

        I await my 9262, drooling, checking forums everyday, for the post that says they are shipping now.


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          Although the NP9262 offers SLI, Quad Core, and pretty much all the fastest components, the NP5792 is the more mobile of the two. If you want extreme performance in gaming, but are planning on having your laptop chained to a table, then the NP9262 is the way to go. If you want something with a little more mobility, that might actually sit on your lap from time to time, then the NP5792 is the way to go. In my opinion the NP5792 is more of a laptop than the NP9262, and until battery and micro technologies advance any further, I would much rather spend my money on a desktop PC than the NP9262.
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