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Sager 5791 noise

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  • Sager 5791 noise

    Is the fan noise from the 5791 really that bad? I keep hearing that its really loud and annoying and it kicks in every minute. Is that true? Is it really that annoying? Thats the only thing that's stopping me from buying it, because I have heard numerous complaints about that. Even in it's reviews they rate it as a superb laptop but they always add in a whole paragraph about how loud and obnoxious and frequent the fans are.

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    When i did the benchmark test on the 5792 I didn't really notice the fan noise at all, however, some people will find the noise unpleasant.

    For a very high end gaming notebook you have to expect some fan noise in order for the laptop to be cooled adequately.


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      So you're saying it doesnt kick on every minute? Thats what the reviewer said, I don't mind if it comes on while I'm doing something intensive. They said that it came on every minute all the time, and if thats true, then that seems unnecessary.


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        It does kick in whenever necessary.
        The CPU fan stays pretty much on,but it`s barely noticeable.
        The GOU fan kick in whenever the gpu card reaches 48 C. It kicks in until it cools down to 44.
        It is a tad noisier than you regular laptop cooler,but trust me, from my experience,it`s well worth it. You may not be able to go into a library with it but then again,it`s a gaming laptop
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          I recently recieved my NP5792 and will say this, you can hear the fans. you will notice the fans. they do turn on and off on a pretty regular interval. However when I am gaming (even at low volumes) I don't hear the fans at all... maybe I'm just too focused on what I'm doing, but it doesn't bother me nearly as bad as people make it out to be.
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