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NP5792 Glossy vs Matte and battery

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  • NP5792 Glossy vs Matte and battery

    Which would you recomend, glossy or matte screen? Is the color on the glossy realy worth the glare? and is the glare that bad outside or in a classroom (like as bad as on a Wega TV)? also are the fans on the notebook louder than a ATI x850xt stock fan, etc (enough to disrupt a classroom setting)? Is there a diffrence in battery life between the two screens?

    Also what type of battery does it take? Is it possible to get a higher quality aftermarket battery that will last longer than an hour or two? If so what are the specs that I need to look for a proper one that will fit and work right?

    Thanks for all the info! Ordering my NP5792 Jan 2nd!

    :twisted: Dr. Thompson :twisted:

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    Glossy has better color contrast and better brightness,but produces glare when outside or next to a light source.Pretty useless when outdoors.
    Matte is explained as non glare,with lower brightness.Better outdoors.
    The fans are normal for the laptop and usage.Check other threads for it.
    Battery life is better on matte.
    OEM battery,no specific brand. You have to email Sager for different batteries.
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      I agree that the glossy screen is useless outdoors. However, a classroom lighting, especially the floresents shouldn't be a big problem. The fan noise in a classroom would be distracting to others... if its a big college lecture hall you might be able to get away with it, but otherwise it would be distracting.
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