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the 59hz issue, with the 9262

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  • the 59hz issue, with the 9262

    I was reading through notebook review's forum yesterday and came across a topic about the screen of the 9262 only running at 59hz where the standard is 60hz. Could this be a driver issue like some have stated or is there something about the product it's self.

    Some said it would not affect you most of the time, but I would rather eliminate the hassle now, and not have to deal with such things after I get my computer.

    Since the screen is one of the slowest parts in a system it would be good to get some clarification on this.


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    I am almost positive it is a driver issue.

    I received my 9262 and I can toggle between 59 hz and 60 hz.

    I am using windows XP pro 32 bit. I think this 59 hz thing might be related to Vista.


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      I'm running Vista 64-bit with the stock Nov-07 drivers and my refresh rate is locked at 59hz.


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        I just noticed something, I'm running 64bit Vista w/ForceWare v167.44 drivers (these are the preinstalled stock drivers), and I can toggle between 59 and 60Hz. Just thought I'd mention that....
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          Strangely enough I have a 61 Hz option on my NP5792 :lol: .
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