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Considering Asus G1S

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  • Considering Asus G1S

    I am strongly considering this machine here are a "few" questions.

    1. If I were to order the notebook with XP Pro (SP2)...What exactly is included (An original OS CD(+key)?).

    As I understand it XP is installed and operational, is there any loss of functionality due to the "downgrade" such as webcam, hdmi, eSata,or bluetooth functionality?.. Also, since it would be ordered with only XP is the turbo memory module still installed or is it removed?

    Are any or all of the asus utilities backward compatible with xp?

    2. If I were to order it very soon would it come with the most up to date
    bios (v300) anything else you bring up to date??

    Do you have and data showing the benefit of the arctic silver when applied to this notebook?

    What exactly is involved in your "burn-in"/"optimization"/"benchmark" process before the product ships? (Sorry I know this may be a pain to answer)

    5. If you guys do price match does the cash discount still apply?

    6. When does the free shipping promotion terminate?

    Thats it!

    Thanks in advance!

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    1) The OS cd and drivers There is no loss with getting XP. Turbo Memory is a Vista feature,but only shows a small improvement.

    2) It will be up to date, yes.

    3) The benefits from Arctic Silver 5 consist in lower temps overall increasing lifespan and stability of the laptop.

    4) It means that the system will be testes with an OS,hdd,RAM, CPU and all of the necessary components to see if there`s any issue whatsoeve,even if you do nor order all of the components.(For example, even if you do not order an OS, one will be installed temporarly to see if everything works as it should.)

    5).Price Discount is 3% depending on payment method,so it should still apply even if XoticPc does a pricematch.

    6) As stated on the customisation page until 1/31/08.

    Let us know if you have any further questions !
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