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Back lit keyboard like the alienware

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  • Back lit keyboard like the alienware

    Is that something which can be done on any computer (9262), since I am not the worlds greatest typer. I use the seak and destroy method mostly, the back lit keyboard it it's most appealing feature.

    Not the biggest fan of having to pull the optical drive everytime you want to add an extra battery, or harddrive though. Seem's like a good way to bring debris inside the system.

    I do like there backpacks, I might get one so long as it won't void my warranty. '

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    I am sorry no one replied to this post. I am sorry there is no mod we know of right now that would provide a back lit keyboard. It is a good idea for some
    Justin Nolte
    [email protected]


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      here you go man


      This mod is for a powerbook. I think the way he made it is too bright, in the last pic the keyboard is brighter then the screen.


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        Why do they always use blue. And not just blue, but blindingly bright blue! Sure, it is pretty, but it affects your eyes in a dark room. Red is so much better.

        Heck, just wait a few months, and I'll bet you'll see replacement keyboards available for alienware on ebay, or you may be able to order the part itself and mod it into your laptop. :P


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          my np5793 will be black/grey with orange trim so orange back light would be very cool and from what i have seen from the pics on this site
          their is plenty of room inside (acording to ups i will have my laptop tomorow).
          i dont think its even nesesary to have light behind all the keys maybe
          just on the outside of the keyboard...
          Ill post once i crack that thing open
          oh and you dont need to hav an LED you can just get fiberoptic light...