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9262 First Impressions

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  • 9262 First Impressions

    Just wanted to let folks know what this beast can do. Q6700, 4GB, Raid 0 160GBx2 SATA 3.0, single 8800M.

    In it's first run through 3dMark06 with stock free settings (1024x768) under Vista 64 bit, received over 10,000 with very few tweaks. Probably will get better under XP 32?

    It's super fast in real world as well. Installed Vista for dual-boot in about 20 minutes. Driver CD worked like a champ. Took a while to find the WiFi drivers online (had to use ethernet), but all else went well. Cranked through all the updates for XP in about 15 minutes. It's awesome to watch all 4 cores cranking away.

    Crysis ran smoothly for about 2 hrs with all settings on medium under Vista 64 DX10. Supreme Commander is awesome as one of the only games with Quad core support and it shows. The games definitely heat it up a decent amount, especially above the esc-F7 keys or so (that's where the 8800m is iirc. Not so much you can't keep your hand there, but enough that it's unquestionably hot, not just warm.

    Finally, the only neg so far is that I can't find any program that can partition the HDDs in the "FakeRAID" these boards use other than Vista's built in program. That doesn't let me set up the partitions for Ubuntu so my Tri-boot ambitions with Linux are currently quashed. I've tried all the likely suspects, including GParted, and no luck - so if anyone with a 9260 or 9261 that has this working can help me out here, that'd be awesome. Otherwise I'm going to have to grab another 2.5" HDD and run Ubuntu off that in the 3rd HDD slot (I love this thing!). I'd rather not though as I don't need the storage right now (320 GB should be enough for a while!) and 500 GB drives have to be coming soon.

    Anyway, thrilled with the purchase! Thanks Justin and Xotic!

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    that sounds awesome

    what was ur score in 3dmark 06 in xp

    and was crysis playable on high settigns on dx 10 or 9?

    and how long did it take to get the notebook?


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      I haven't run 3dmark in xp yet, nor have I played crysis in DX9. With high in DX10 at 1680 x 1050 and 16xAA, not even the intro movie would play at more than 1 frame per 3 seconds. I never even got to the game. It was pretty ugly.

      I reduced res 1 step from 1680 x 1050 (can't remember what, but not the lowest) and dropped everything to medium with 8xAA and then it played great. I'll mess around with higher settings in the future.

      As far as time, I ordered on the 19th but there were payment issues, so they didn't actually get a succesful charge to my card until 28 Dec and I received it on 10 Jan. It actually shipped on the 7th, so only 4 business days after they shipped the first pre-orders, which is pretty awesome. I'd expect them to be clicking through the orders now as long as they don't run into supply problems.


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        "Driver CD worked like a champ. Took a while to find the WiFi drivers online"

        can you post where you found the wifi driver.

        thanks danny christ


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          Actually, after updating Vista several times, it popped up in the icons area in the lower right that I had hardware that needed updating. It connected me to a microsoft update like site where it searched for 4965AGN driver. I clicked on the search result and it installed.

          I did find this that may help you though

          If you don't have the 4965AGN, or don't know, try the intel adapter ID tool

          Hope that helps.


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            ah ok, so the was a wlan driver on the cd, you just had to update them....


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              some drivers must be manually installed from the cd and not through the autorun menu.

              wireless lan is included, yes.


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                OK, update on 3DMark. Scores 10046 with Vista 64 bit and 10455 with XP 32 bit. Stock drivers, no OCing.

                Just for comparison's sake, the Pentium M 2.0Ghz w/ 2GB and 7800GTX scored 3388 under XP 32.

                Processor sub-score improved from 851 to 4190.

                Now if I could just figure out how to partition the Fake-RAID for linux I'd be off to the races......


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                  Some juicy scores there--you got one spec'd out exactly like I'm looking at. Just waiting for tomorrow to come around so I can get some info on the custom paint options before getting mine

                  Glad to know these machines are delivering the kind of performance I'm looking for :lol:


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                    Ordered mine 12-27-07 got it 1- 11-08. Q6600 2 160gb 7200 rpm in raid 0, single 8800GTX ordered with XP, I hate Vista... out of the box did all windows updates and ran 3DM 06. as it sits 10300. See the signature for other scores.
                    Sager 9262-Quad Q6600, 4GB Windows XP
                    Now running Q9650 & nVidia 179 Physx driver
                    3D Mark Score's all Default settings XP
                    8800 SLI Q6600 - Q9650
                    2001 = 44862 - 54958
                    2003 = 47802 - 50772
                    2005 = 15688 - 19269
                    2006 = 12839 - 15546


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                      My laptop that i ordered was just like yours except mine is in vista. would the 3dmark06 be less since its in vista? i duno. ill see in about 2 weeks when i get my laptop!!!
                      Sager NP9262. Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz, 8MB L2Cache, 1066Mhz FSB. Nvidia 88800M GTX 512MB. 160 & 200GB 7200RPM (Serial-ATA II 3) 4,096MB DDR2 800 . 1920 x 1200 Glossy Screen Resolution. Windows Vista Home Premium 64-B.


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                        Found the answer to the raid problem?

                        Yes you did and you did not post the fix with the 'fake raid.' Naughty Naughty.

                        Begin Fix

                        Figured it out. Searched for "example grub" and copied someone else's XP entry. Guessed that my RAID array was mapped to disk 0,0 since it was in position one, and it worked. Brings up Vista bootloader and all is well.

                        # This is a divider, added to separate the menu items below from the Debian
                        # ones.
                        title Other operating systems:

                        # This entry automatically added by the Debian installer for a non-linux OS
                        # on /dev/sda
                        title Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
                        root (hd0,0)
                        chainloader +1

                        End of fix.

                        Thanks now we all know.
                        Sometimes living on a boat is like living in a cave.