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Question About NP9262

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  • Question About NP9262

    im thinking of ordering the NP9262 and i was wodnering with the TV-Tuner can it be used in the UK, or does it only work in US?

    also can i buy a BR drive my self and upgrade the laptop later
    it is worth getting the 8800m sli now or wait if i have the money
    if i get a paint job for the laptop do you fit it?
    what processor is better E6850 or Q6600

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    The TV tuner will work anywhere in the world if properly set
    You can always upgrade the optical drive, the hdd, the cpu and RAM, so yes, you can get a BR later on an upgrade it yourself.
    It is a question of needs.1 8800M GTX is sufficient to play any game at max details and a moderate resolution, 2 8800M GTX`s will help you play at max everything. Except some games like Crysis.
    The paint job is done as requested.Send an email to [email protected] about the paint job or give a call .
    In terms of power, the E6850 with its 3.0 Ghz will outperform the quad in 2 threaded application,but as time goes by, more and more apps will benefit from multicore technology, so the quad is more futureproof.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!
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