I've recently received my SAGER NP9262 and I decided to try and get the Express Card Remote to work under Win XP Pro. It is stated that this remote will only work exclusively under Windows Vista or Windows MCE. The following procedure will get it installed and working with very little work.

1) Download the Human Interface Programmer (HIP) from:


This is a FREEWARE program that is essential to getting the remote to work.

2) Insert the included USB Remote Receiver into your PC.

3) When the Hardware Wizard starts do the following:
a) Select "not this time" - click next
b) Select "specific location" - click next
c) Don't search, I will choose - click next
d) Select "All Devices" - click next
e) Select Microsoft as Manufacturer and eHome Infrared Receiver
f) Ackowledge warning and click yes

Your receiver is now properly installed under Win XP Pro.

4) Install "HIP" with only the "MCE IR" Plug-in selected.

5) You will now have to manually configure each of the remotes buttons. This is the hardest part since I could find no documentation regarding HIP and it was done by trial and error. I have my configuration files which total only 5kb that I will email on request.

6) Once you run the program you will select you Cyberlink PowerCinema" executable for Program 1.

7) Under file/prefs choose to load at system startup.

8) Click Run

9) Execute the Cyberlink PowerCinema and use as normal.

HIP runs with no issues alongside the SimHID which is installed in order to use the larger remote.