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Need help with 5793 vs 9262 decision

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  • Need help with 5793 vs 9262 decision

    I've been leaning toward a purchase of a 5793 with the following primary internal config:

    X9000 Cpu
    8800M GTX 512
    4Gb Mem
    200Gb 7200rpm HD

    Two things are bothering me about this choice..1). X9000 is overpriced unless you overclock it to 3.2GHz--which may drive high heat into this chassis. 2). Reports of loud fan noise on the 579x.

    I'm wondering if I could build a luggable 9262 with the following config:

    E8500 Cpu
    Single 8800M GTX 512
    4Gb Mem
    Two 200Gb 7200rpm HDs

    I haven't heard anyone complain about the 9262 noise (I'm new to this forum, so if that isn't the case let me know), and I'm thinking due to the lower TDP profile of the E8500 and with the bigger battery unit in the 9262, that I would get equivalant or better battery life per charge, even with the extra drive. Also should get a faster overall laptop, more upgrade options, and without the typical worrying about overclocking risks.

    I saw the recent post about a firmware fix for the 579x chassis, but not sure if that would help much once you put in an Extreme cpu.

    Will the 9262 CPU choices be updated anytime soon to include the E8xxx series? Thoughts about this config as an alternative to maxxed out 5793?

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    i just got done looking at the intel website and from what i have read. the 9262 would need a chipset upgrade to make any of the 45nm procs work. if anyone else knows more lets hear it.
    soon to have np9850 , q9000 , 4 gigs of ddr 3 at 1333mhz, duel NVIDIA 280m , duel 60 gig ssd's in raid 0 and 250 gig back up!!!!!!


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      Regarding the fan noise on the 9262, it isn't loud at all. Using the three-fan laptop cooler ordered with the laptop, the cooler is much louder than the laptop fans, even while gaming or transcoding video.


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        Good to hear a positive comment on the 9262 fan noise. Thanks!

        Regarding the possible requirement of a revised chipset to support the E8500....I didn't catch that in anything I've read so far -- but I could be wrong (wouldn't be the first time or the last time). I assumed that since the 965 chipset supports the 45nm Penryn cores, that it would also support the 45nm Wolfdale cores. Let me know if you saw something specific that precludes it operation in 965 chipsets. Is there a difference in the physical CPU sockets between the 579x and the 9262?


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          A quick follow up...Looks like the E8500 is supported by the 965 chipset as is was tested on a 965 platform on Toms Hardware recently(http://www.tomshardware.com/2008/02/...s_transistors/). However, a BIOS upgrade might still be required on the 9262 to recognize the correct settings.

          Any chance that this will be a supported option anytime soon from XoticPC/Sager?


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            The only hardware that is supported and has been tested on this laptop is listed in our configuration menu. There is not plans at this time for that processor to be supported.