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8800m GTX SLI

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  • 8800m GTX SLI

    i just read this....

    These are all the known revisions of GPU roms. I have to rely on users (mainly conversing with me in my blind flashing guide) to inform me of new rev's. I have apparently lost my copy of the 7800Go vanilla rom but I'm sure its up on the net somewhere. The link to these roms is included at the end of this thread.

    # Dell Mobile Rom's
    # Every stock rom has been provided
    # As well as a few unlocked roms listed below
    # File names are included in [] brackets
    # -------------------------------- #
    ROMS Unlocked:

    # Only one known Rev

    6800 Go Ultra (aka 6800 Go Chocolate <- smile.gif j.k.) [6800ULT.rom]
    7800 Go GTX [7800GTX.rom]
    7950 Go GTX [7950GTX.rom]
    3500M [3500M.rom]

    # Multiple known Rev's

    7900GS Revision 0 and Revision 1 [790GSR0.rom and 790GSR1.rom respectively]
    1500M Revision 0 and Revision 1 [1500MR0.rom and 1500MR1.rom respectively]
    7900GTX Revision 0 and Revision 1 [790GTXR0.rom and 790GTXR1.rom respectively]
    2500M Revision 0 and Revision 1 [2500MR0.rom and 2500MR1.rom respectively]

    Stock ROMs only:

    6800 Go (aka 6800 Go Vanilla <- seriously) [6800VAN.rom]
    8600M GT [8600MGT.rom]
    8700M GT (sli) [8700MGT0.rom and 8700MGT1.rom]
    8800M GTX (sli) [880MGTX1.rom and 880MGTX2.rom]
    so it means to me sli 8800m gtx will be avalible soon [/code]

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    Indeed, as soon as it gets released depending on my current performance with the setup I have, which is only one 8800GTX atm, I will more than likely be setting up another order from xotic for the SLI setup w/install & another 8800GTX..im looking forward to it BIG TIME.

    props out to Xotic for making custom built gaming rigs affordable with good customer/tech support. :o