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Sager 9262 PPU/GPU upgrades?

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  • Sager 9262 PPU/GPU upgrades?

    Is there a PPU that can be installed into the 9262? (AGEIA PhysX)

    When nVidia eventually releases lets say, 9800GTX is that something that xoticpc might offer as an upgrade option to existing 9262 owners?

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    At this time the AGEIA PhysX card is not supported.


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      You don't need a AGEIA PhysX card. After nVidia bought AGEIA, it has planned to release the physics processing capability through the CUDA technology of all existing 8 series GPUs. So as long as you have an 8 series GPU, having a PhysX card will be as simple as a software (driver) update in the near future


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        @Prasad007 thats very interesting!! hopefully they bring out some new nice fast and phys driver

        what about this:

        NVIDIA Driver for Microsoft Windows XP with CUDA Support (169.21)

        found on:



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          What about it ? It's just another driver... with CUDA support, which is a tech of 8 series GPUs.. doesn't mean it can emulate a PhysX processor.... yet! It'll take a few months before we see nVidia release that driver.


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            My question is does the 9262 support the 169.21 driver. The main reason I want the 9262 is to start CUDA programming in a notebook.



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              A PhysX PU right now is practically useless, since a new technique to implent a core to do physics calculations has already started with games like Unreal Tournament 3.
              Only a handful of games support the PPU and they are about to fade away, since the acquisition of Ageia by Nvidia.
              So Nvidia intends to release a software upgrade that would allow ALL 8th series gpus to practically work also as PPUs. If you really need the PPU ability, that is
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