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Overclocking a 5793

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  • Overclocking a 5793

    Can this lappy be OC'ed? I likely wouldn't do it often. I just like doing it because I like doing it. I'm weird like that.

    I will be using the T9300 2.5ghz C2D 45nm CPU.

    If it can't be OC'ed I won't be terribly upset... like I say, for fun.
    System:||SagerNP5793||T9300,2.5ghz.C2D||1920x1200, 512mb.nVidiaQuadro:FX1600M||
    Memory:||4,096mbDDR2667mhz||1gb Robson Turbo||200gb,7200,SATAii.16mb||2gb,SD.cache||
    OS:||Ultimate;Vista32&Vista64: DualBoot||

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    I'm sorry, we do not support overclocking. You may, however, be able to receive some help or input from our forum members on this.


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      The OCing in itself is not a dangerous thing, but the effects can be devastating.
      Understand that any OCing can lead to a damage in your system, one which would not be covered by any warranty. Also, OCing reduces the lifespan of the laptop by stressing key components .
      All electronic devices have a lifespan, and forcing them to run at above nominal parammeters will only decrease that lifespan.
      If you understand the risks involved, and still would like to go ahead, you can use:
      -RivaTuner for the GPU ocing.
      -i do not recommend OCing the CPU since for gaming a 2.0 Ghz CPU is sufficient.

      Please consder that OCing has to be done one step at a time, about 10 MHz at a time, then use AtiTool to test for artefacts(weird lines or shapes that should not be on the screen) and ALWAYS MONITOR TEMPS when OCing.
      A GPU will work ok until 85C , but it is recommended not to get that high.
      A CPU is fine until 70C.
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