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NP5793! I LOVE IT! (also notebook cooler recomendation)

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  • NP5793! I LOVE IT! (also notebook cooler recomendation)

    I have had my NP5793 for about a month now and am in love!
    Its not too loud for class (with fan control) and not too heavy to take with me anywhere in the awesome targus backpack I bought from here as well.

    Everything I throw at it runs great and I cant wait to see assassins creed on it in a couple of weeks!

    Furthermore I was most impressed with a 3dmark06 score of 9224 with nothing OCed!

    Battery life and the fact it doesn't perform nearly as well unplugged are the only two drawbacks but that is well known and that was/is a well known fact so no real point-loss there. Ive got a second battery and will be getting the car charger as well. Any aftermarket battery available like a 12cell or something better than the two 8-cells I have? Also do I need to buy a car adapter from here or is there a cheaper/better solution?

    Anyways, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You so much Xoticpc and Sager! This is the most awesome toy, work tool and study aid I have ever owned!
    Highly recommended! Alienware/Dell/Etc are garbage!

    My Specs:
    2.8ghz 9000x
    8800m gtx
    Matte 1680 x 1050 (If your gonna be outside/school get this cause glare sux)
    4gb DDR2 667 PC2 5300
    1gb Turbo ram

    Also, I bought a logitech G9 mouse and a NZXT Cryo LX notebook cooler to go with this laptop and they have made awesome additions.

    Some people have asked about coolers and I did a massive amount of research and searching before deciding to spend that much on a cooler but it is well worth the investment.

    No other cooler on the market compares and the 3 120mm fans can even be switched out with ease to any other 120mm case fan(s)! I have one Antec LED fan in the middle now and my notebook never needs to turn up the fans unless running the most demanding games (I keep them on 100% when gaming anyways but when notebook fans are on the full auto option there is no constant speeding up of the fans that anoid some people). And its virtually silent to boot! May not be once I pop in some Scythe Ultra Kaze(s) though.....

    Can be found on newegg but not many other places...
    Brand NZXT
    Model CRYO LX
    Part# CRY-001LX

    Logitch G9 is great too... I like it much better than my Razer Copperhead that is in use on my desktop now....

    Perhaps this belongs under reviews... if so let me know and I will post it there or perhaps the admin can do so. Ill be checking back if there are any ?????


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    BTW CPU temps according to everest have been in the sub 30c idle up to 49c under massive load (crysis, orange box, etc) that Ive seen. May have been as high as 53c or so... This is in a constantly heated house though.

    And OS is Vista 64 bit


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      Good to know you're happy with the notebook!


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        I only have one 8800M in my 9262 and I don't use an active cooler (yet? summer is on the way).

        I'm using the Lapinator Plus (from lapinator.com) - it's a passive cooler for when I sit with the beast in my lap.