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Possible first laptop purchase

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  • Possible first laptop purchase

    Hello: My first post here and currently I do not have a laptop and have used one once.

    My desktop system is getting 6+ years old and I had entertained thoughts of just using the desktop to get a laptop working in a home wireless network.

    What I think I would like in a laptop is a dvi or hdmi output on it so I can hook it up to my projector if I want to, a 17" screen, blu-ray player/dvd burner combo of some sort, a nice video card like the 8600gt for moderate gaming, and either a built in hdtv tuner or have it be able to use one on usb in the future. Any such critters around like this between $1500-1800?

    Thanks, and if a laptop doesn't come from factory with a blu-ray player can one be swapped out so it is internal still?

    Many thanks and I will probably have more questions later.

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    welcome to xoticpc! you can stop looking for the best place to buy laptops because you have found it! I might suggest the np2092. its a great machine that you can puff up and still stay within budget. it could come with a blueray player or you can swap one in yourself later. Just some food for thought. enjoy your new lappy hunting :wink:
    Sager NP5792
    Alienware M11x-R1
    WUXGA Glossy
    11.6" WXVGA Glossy
    2.4GHz Core 2 Duo
    1.3GHz CULV Core 2 Duo OCed to 1.76GHz
    GeForce 8800GTX
    GeForce GT 335m
    4,096 DDR2 667 Memory
    4,096 DDR3 800 Memory
    200 Gb 7200 RPM SATA 150
    128 Gb GSkill Falcon SSD
    64 bit Vista Home Premium
    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium


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      Welcome to Xotic PC Forums section You can view all of our 17" laptops here

      The ones that i would most recommend would be the MSI MS-1719 or the Sager np5793. The MSI would probably be more in your budget price range but the 5793 will offer you much more performance with newer technology. If you have any further questions feel free to ask or e-mail me directly


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        If I would choose a laptop that does not have a dvi or hdmi output, how do you hook them up to a high definition projector?

        Secondly if a laptop does not come with or have an option to buy a blu-ray player or burner as most of the configerations are in here, can you take the 8xmulti dvd out and replace it with blu-ray?


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          u could use the vga output on the notebook(if so equipped with) to get the picture, but not sure what the resolution output would be...
          Sager np9262: 17" 1920x1200wuxga, E6850 Core2duo 3.0ghz 1.3ghz fsb 4mb L2 cache, 4Gb 800mhz ram, 1x nvidia geforce 8800mgtx 512mb gpu, 3x100gb hdd 7200rpm, Raid 0, vista ultimate x64 os, tv tuner, x-fi 7.1 sound card, triple fan cooler, 3Dmark06 9745


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            Well after a couple of weeks of hemming and hawing and searching and getting thoroughly confused, I finally decided to bite the bullet and get a laptop. I ended up getting the ASUS M50SV-A1 with a 7200rpm hard drive. Now, I'm barely a new member of AARP, but I feel like I cant wait to get it (the laptop that is 8) ). Dang now I feel like a teenager again :lol:

            edited to add: My first computer was a 386dx40 processor with 2 meg of ram. Also I spent huge dollars at the time to get a 9600baud modem upgrade over the 2400k at the time, then bought a lightning fast 14,400 later as I upgraded to the 486's, then the first pentiums. I also ran a commodore 64 for a while as my dad at his business seems to like commodore so that is what we used, and never used such a horrible keyboard since. It just seemed like you could never type on them very well.