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A memory question

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  • A memory question

    I have on order a ASUS M50SV-A1 laptop. It will come with 3 gig memory for ram. Will I be better off upgrading to the 4 gig ram because it is dual channel, even though I recognize that with the vista 32 that will come on the laptop will not recognize the full 4 gig? Seems somewhere I read that the dual channel mem is faster than standard.

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    As long as your OS doesn't recognize the RAM, it's as good as it not being there.


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      A few guys on another forum I frequent seem to think there is a gain from using dual channel memory instead of single channel, even with 1 gig of it floating off into cyberspace somewhere. I dont know myself. I am just trying to find out to make the right decision

      Here are a coupla quotes:

      You are best off to go with the 2 Dimm offering. With 4Gb the system will only recognize 3-3.5Gb of it but it will still remain in dual channel mode.


      Is the 3 gigs coming in 3 sticks? If so you will see a perfomance increase and you may even see one going from 3 gigs on 3 sticks to 2 gigs on 2 sticks. You have to have identical sticks in matched pairs to run in dual channel mode.

      In another thread in this forum, ******** has been having issues with his new system. He was running 2x1G and 2x512 sticks. He actually saw a small improvement pulling the 2x512's out.


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        I know there were some accounts on the internet that the M50Sv-A1 only came with 32 bit drivers. But the one I purchased from XoticPc came with the option of the 64 bit Vista Ultimate and 4 meg memory. I purchased these and my computer says I am operating with those specs. How hard would it be for you to upgrade to 64 bit, so you could utilize your full 4 meg?