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5793 vid card and ram....

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  • 5793 vid card and ram....

    ok saw this review just now http://www.notebookreview.com/default.asp?newsID=4060 and would like to know if now that this laptop has been out for a while and drivers have more then likely been updated...along with the 2.5 duel core upgrade and extra 2 gigs of ram (this reviewers laptop had only 2 gigs and a 2.2 duel core) can I expect slightly better performance? Dumb question I know...how much more is what I'm asking :lol:

    Just don't wanna drop the extra $465 for the 8800 vid card....leaves me some upgrade excitement for 6 month to a year from now anyway (plus it's $465 more dollars!! :shock: )


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    The 8800M GTX performs almost two and a half times that of a 8700M GPU, and is well worth the extra cost.


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      yeah, i've read that...I only plan on doing light gaming as i don't have a lot of time for it right now. So as long as the 8700 will play the current games out I can live with it. Is it pretty easy to upgrade myself at a later date? Built my own computers for years but never broken into a laptop except to add ram.

      Thanks for replying


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        It should be very easy to upgrade later on, yes! You can swap your current 8700M GPU that you plan to buy with, with a 8800M GTX in the future, when it will also be cheaper...


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          yeah, that is what i plan on doing...how about the cpu? is it fairly easy to swap out as well? Anyone know what the added performance between the 2.1 3mb L2cache and the 2.5 6mb L2 cache? If it's not all that significant I might go with the cheaper of the 2 and maybe upgrade to a 2.8 or higher a year or so from now.

          Thanks for all the great help and info...trying to cut some corners so it's a bit more in my budget but can be upgraded later so it's not outdated so fast.


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            CPUs are coming out really fast. In a year, we'll be seeing mobile quad core. Yes, you'll be able to upgrade, but only to processors belonging to this particular socket. So the highest that you can go as far as we know so far, is the X9000.