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5793 works great

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  • 5793 works great

    I have received and setup my new NP5793 notebook.

    It works perfectly and was painless to setup. All the drivers were on it and running correctly. I have used a dead/stuck pixel checker and have found no problems, although I think I found a stuck white pixel while trying a movie; it went away the next time I booted up.

    I think it's a good computer if you want pickup and go with the ability to run programs like games and CAD.

    Things I like that Sager/XoticPC don't mention:
    -Hotkey to disable all wireless(nice if you have a virus that's downloading crap that you can't control), adjust brightness up or down, touchpad on/off and fanspeed high/auto/low.
    -The optional inferred remote control required zero setup.(I got this direct from Sager.)
    -Dual monitor mode was easy to setup: 1. Plug in other monitor, 2. Press enter twice. 3. Move junk to other screen. Note: I don't know if I can use dual-monitor mode because I have the Quadro card or not. Might want to check that if you're considering getting a 5793 as there's the optional video adapter.
    -Quiet. I heard from some reviews that this lappy was a noise box... On high fan speed it's scary loud yes, but on low fanspeed I can easily sleep next to my desk.
    -It fits like a charm on the Zalman NC-2000 series notebook cooler.
    -This screen resolution is crazy. I think 1920x1200 is the same as a widescreen HD TV?
    -The chassis has almost no flex. The keys are very solid to press.
    -I get wireless connections from all over. My roommate checks for connections 4 feet from the router and gets 3/5 bars with her older machine. I check and get 1-2/5 bars from our friends router in the adjacent apartment building likely 300 feet away... plus about 35 other found connections...

    Things I don't like:
    -The latch is dumb how it has a spring loaded clip on one side and a clip slide latch on the other side. Oh well. Superficial.
    -Wow this lappy is a tank. 8 pounds just the puter... About 15 pounds total weight of my carrying bag with the powersupply and stuff.

    Thanks to Justin who I spoke with on numerous occasions. I would suggest attempting to do your business with him. He responds quickly which is nice.
    System:||SagerNP5793||T9300,2.5ghz.C2D||1920x1200, 512mb.nVidiaQuadro:FX1600M||
    Memory:||4,096mbDDR2667mhz||1gb Robson Turbo||200gb,7200,SATAii.16mb||2gb,SD.cache||
    OS:||Ultimate;Vista32&Vista64: DualBoot||

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    Feel free to leave a review here on the Sager np5793

    Thanks to Justin who I spoke with on numerous occasions. I would suggest attempting to do your business with him. He responds quickly which is nice.
    I appreciate the reference Zey!


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      Actually, talking about the weight, 8 lbs is not a con at all! Comparable laptops are heavier. The Sager NP9262 and Dell XPS M1730 are both in the 11+ lbs range. But they're SLi notebooks. However, take the Gateway for example. It features weaker processors and a single 8800M GTS, and it is >9 lbs.