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NP5760-V (Clevo M570U) Upgradability

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  • NP5760-V (Clevo M570U) Upgradability

    Hello. I bought a NP5760-V Elite about a year ago (April 2007) which is based off of the Clevo M570U. I got it with 2 GB RAM, 1 160 GB SATA HD, 1 DVD/RW for the bay slot, etc. Though it originally shipped with XP SP2, I've since put XP SP2 x64 on it and it works great. It seemed at the time that it could only handle 2 GB of RAM total (2 1GB chips) and the manual I received with the laptop basically confirmed this.

    Now, recently, I was thinking of getting another 160 GB SATA drive for the bay slot (thus removing the DVD/RW) and making a RAID 0 array. At the same time, I decided to double check the motherboard again to see if it could really handle any more memory. So since the only place that seems to have any manuals online is Clevo, I looked there. They basically have 3 different manuals with English.

    What's strange is the oldest of the manuals, dated May of 2006, says something similar to the physical manual that I have and states that the max RAM is 2 GB. Now when I look at the two newer manuals, dated between March 2007 and May 2007, they state the max RAM is 4 GB. So now, I'm completely confused on what my laptop/motherboard can really handle. Does anyone have any definitive answers on this? Maybe somehow by providing my serial number I can find out the exact motherboard I have and then go from there? Is there any decent software out there that can give me more details on my motherboard (other than like PC Wizard)?

    I'd really like to upgrade to 4 GB RAM and add another HD for RAID capabilities. Thanks for any help or suggestions.
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    As a quick follow-up on this...

    This is what the program PC Wizard says about the memory on my mainboard which makes me think it can handle 2 GB chips:

    Memory Controller Information :
    Memory Controller : System Memory
    Location : Mainboard
    Error Correction Capability : No
    Number of connectors : 2
    Max. Module Size : 2048 KB
    On top of what I've mentioned already, would doing these upgrades void my 3 year warranty?

    Thanks again.
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      And to further add to my confusion, Everest Ultimate Edition states it as having 4 GB max while SiSoftware Sandra Lite XII.SP2 says it can only have 2 GB max. So I'm lost now. I guess I need to try and contact Clevo directly or something. I was just hoping someone here, from XoticPC or not, could help me. Thanks.
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        The 5760 can take up to 3GB of Ram.
        Justin Nolte
        [email protected]


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          Actually I've been convinced otherwise. Maybe it was the BIOS update I got, I'm not sure. But it's a Intel 945PM chipset and thus, as Intel site says, it can handle 4 GB RAM (or at least it should). Further inspection of other things leads me to believe this is true as well. So I guess the final test for me is to just put in 4 GB and see what happens. Thanks.
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            Let us know how it turns out
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              Just for an update...

              A few days ago I emailed Clevo directly about this. In turn, they forwarded my email to Sager Tech Support and Sager responded with the following two things, in order:

              Hi Randy, the system BIOS of model NP5760 does recognize 4 GB of RAM.
              However, due to the Intel 945GM chipset limitation, the 64-bit OS still
              addresses 3 GB of RAM.


              Hi Randy, I just found out that with the Vista service pack 1, you can get 4
              GB RAM in Vista. However, I do not know if all the devices still work with 4
              GB RAM. You may give it a try.
              So, they are correct about the BIOS, but they don't have a clue what they're talking about when it comes to Vista and 64-bit OS's (especially since my original email only mentioned XP x64, never Vista). I've never seen such a crazy and absurd answer (except for the BIOS part). So again, we'll see. My RAM will be here by Saturday I hope so I'll test then.
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                Well, I'm slightly disappointed now. It seems the Sager guys were right, though they didn't explain things well enough so I didn't understand at first.

                I missed some details about the Intel 945PM chipset. On the Intel site, it says this for the memory support:

                Up to 10.7GB/s of bandwidth and up to 4GB memory addressability, for faster system responsiveness.
                For a system/OS to actually fully utilize 4 GB of ram, the chipset needs to go up to 8 GB of addressable memory or more. So since mine is 4 GB, I'm stuck at my OS only being able to see/use 3 GB memory, whether it's 64-bit or not. This is also evident in the BIOS. Mine showed that 4 GB was installed, but only 3 GB available to the OS. So there's nothing I can do, no driver or BIOS or OS updates, that can fix this so I can see/use all 4 GB.

                As I said, it's not a total loss as 3 GB is better than 2GB, but just slightly disappointing. Anyway, now I know. Intel 965 chipsets or higher are perfectly fine with 4 GB RAM though. :-\

                As for Vista SP1, this is just a 'flaw' on Microsoft's part. Basically, as I see it, Microsoft was sick and tired (like many of us in tech support) of people complaining that when they have Vista 32-bit and they install 4 GB of RAM, it only sees/uses 3 GB. So to make people happy, they made Vista SP1 now see (NOT use) the 4 GB of RAM (so it now sees what's installed) even though it can't really use more than 3 GB because it's only 32-bit (so it's a lie/trick). But obviously, if you have a good chipset, going to the 64-bit OS will fix all that.
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