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Dual-Booting Vista Ultimate 32 + 64

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  • Dual-Booting Vista Ultimate 32 + 64

    So I've been trying to get Solidworks 3dCAD program to work on my 5793. But I want to use 64bit Vista as my main, use-it-everyday OS. Why? Cause I'm dumb and I like using new and innovative things even if they aren't fully market supported like XP is. I don't care what people say about Vista, I like it and it's getting more support each passing day. Ok I'm done my rant. :roll: Note: Vista32 only shows 3.00gb of my RAM even though I've got 4.00gb in Vista64.

    I know Solidworks 2008 works on Vista 32 though... So I got to work on making my lappy a dual-boot OS using 2 bit-rates of Vista. I'll say everything I did as everything works flawlessly now:

    I reduced the size of my main partition on my 200gb drive first using Vista Disk Manager. [Start/Computer(Right-Click this tab)/Select Manage from the menu/Storage/Disk Management] (Same thing you go to when you need to format a new external drive.) [Right-click your target hard drive you want to shrink/Click Shrink Volume"] For my 200gb drive, Vista would only allow a partition of 46.28gb leaving my main partition with Vista64 currently installed on at 140.03gb. This was sufficient for my needs even if it was the maximum. I left the new partition unformatted and headed off to the boot record in BIOS.

    In BIOS(by hitting F2 for setup during the POST screen) I changed the boot order to CDROM as #1 device. Since the 32 bit Vista CD was in it, it booted into Vista install screen as per normal. When asked where to install V.32, I picked the new unformatted partition and pretty much went for lunch. No really I did. Installing Vista = painless. Changed the BIOS boot menu back to the HDD and left it as the only boot device for reasons of, it's the only boot device and, no use lagging it down with a long list.

    So Vista 32 boots up totally un-drivered even though 64 is fully operational. Installed all the drivers for everything on 32. But one problem, I don't want 32 as my default OS but it is, cause it's the latest OS that was installed. Now to work changing the default OS and making the 30 second auto OS selection a more *I ran to the can right after pressing the ON button* so when I get back it's not at 6 seconds left and still counting down for a selection.

    WinKey(Right-side of the Fn key) + R opens the Run menu. Type "msconfig" and hit enter. A little menu pops up, go to the Boot tab and you'll see your 2 operating systems. One is showing "Current" and one is showing "Default". Just highlight the one that you want to be default and click the "Set As Default" button. Now on the same tab there is the "Timeout" section. It's set at 30 seconds, now I set for a more auto-speed-conscious 6 seconds.

    Since Vista32 has a graphics intensive purpose in life, I went to work changing all the parameters like Aero being turned off and many of the start-up programs being adjusted. I tweaked quite a few things... (Justin added a great link page to many powerful Vista tweaks in the Announcements and News part of the Fourm here.)

    So now when I turn on Mr. Lappy, he(yes, it's a boy) I get to a sreen that stalls for 6 seconds asking what OS I want to load into: "Microsoft Windows Vista" or "Microsoft Windows Vista"........ (You just got to know what one is which, I've not been able to rename them yet, and I don't know how, and I 'm going to try and figure it out sometime soon.) If I don't pick one cause I'm in the bathroom, after 6 seconds it goes to Vista64 and continues booting up.

    Solidworks works on Vista32 very well with this computer and the Quadro FX 1600M. But I also get to enjoy pretty pretty speedy Vista64. I'm happy, and I don't know anything about computers... thankyou Google.
    System:||SagerNP5793||T9300,2.5ghz.C2D||1920x1200, 512mb.nVidiaQuadro:FX1600M||
    Memory:||4,096mbDDR2667mhz||1gb Robson Turbo||200gb,7200,SATAii.16mb||2gb,SD.cache||
    OS:||Ultimate;Vista32&Vista64: DualBoot||

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    first off, nice and a solid post! lmao
    ok, well i too installed a 2nd os on my 9262...ultimatex32. my factory loaded default was ultimatex64. if i didnt press n e thing during the boot up it would default to the one on top(which like yours just says microsoft vista...doesnt specify x32 or x64) talked to tech reps and they dont know if u can even rename those selections either...ie x32 or x64. would be nice to be able to specify though hu. lol im sure it is possible though i too havent a clue how to do that. just remember that x32 is on top and x64 is on bottom. i actually later on didnt feel the need for the x32 so i deleted it off that hdd but it kept coming up as the default in the boot and would freeze up when it tried to run that x32 which of coarse wasnt there cause i deleted it. to get around thaat all u need to do is this:
    right click computer
    advanced system settings
    start up and recover/settings
    the rest im sure u could fig out. hope this repost is useful to you and anyone. laterz...
    Sager np9262: 17" 1920x1200wuxga, E6850 Core2duo 3.0ghz 1.3ghz fsb 4mb L2 cache, 4Gb 800mhz ram, 1x nvidia geforce 8800mgtx 512mb gpu, 3x100gb hdd 7200rpm, Raid 0, vista ultimate x64 os, tv tuner, x-fi 7.1 sound card, triple fan cooler, 3Dmark06 9745