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    Im wondering if anyone has experience with the laptop cooler for sale in the Xotic accessories section. Is it any good? Does it fit a 17 inch laptop? I just ordered the sager NP9262 and want to make sure it will work well with it. Also, if anyone has experience with, like is it silent, are the fans adjustable, etc.


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    ZALMAN Ultra Quiet Notebook Cooler Model ZM-NC1000 Black - Retail

    -over at newegg.com looks pretty good, it has a high rating. I'm about to order an NP9262 and will probably get this cooler.


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      I would love to get the one you're suggesting, but I cant order from newegg as I am canadian


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        For a 17 inch laptop cooler by ZALMAN you will need the 2000 model. Some people on the review site say they do not push much air. :shock: But if your laptop runs hot send it back. Or duct tape over the holes that do not line up with any vents or fans to concentrate what cooling air there is. :wink:
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          I have the Zalman NC-2000B for my 5793(also a 17"). It doesn't move much air no.... but if you hold your hand near the gap between the cooler and the computer you'll feel cool airflow. It isn't noisy at all in my opinion. This cooler fits the width of the computer perfectly and I like the angle that it sits at now.

          I'm considering modding it and putting some more powerful fans in it. But I'm concerned that more powerful fans will overload the amperage capability of a USB circuit. I think 1 USB2.0 port can take 300 mA but I'd rather not wreck it up over something silly like airflow. In the end it's easier to just Fn+1 and go to high fan speed.

          As for Canadian stuff, I got my cooler from DirectCanada.ca. They even through in $10 Next Day air shipping.
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            I use the Zantec Lapcool 4...two good fans, blows cold air INTO the laptop...my 9262 seems to fit okay!

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              I found this somewhere:


              I think I'll get it. 3 fans.


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                the one i recieved with my notebook has THREE FANS. plus it looks kool at night due to the blue LED's all over it. it lights up the base. keeps my noebook cool all the time. even while playing crysis for 3plus hrs at a time.
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                  I have looked at reviews on those beasts. They really push the limits of the USB supplied power. Some laptops report an overloaded USB power bus. The owners had to get a cheap USB power supply to make them work. However! They do cool quite well.
                  Sometimes living on a boat is like living in a cave.


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                    If you are in Canada, you can get the Zalman from NCIX.com I use it and seems to work well


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                      I have the Rosewill, I use it with my 5793 and it works great. Fits perfectly and actually makes use of the keyboard much easier on the wrists. Very nice piece and I'm very happy with it.
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                        Where did you get it?

                        Originally posted by bargegod View Post
                        the one i recieved with my notebook has THREE FANS. plus it looks kool at night due to the blue LED's all over it. it lights up the base. keeps my noebook cool all the time. even while playing crysis for 3plus hrs at a time.
                        Is this the one that XoticPC sold you?
                        Sometimes living on a boat is like living in a cave.


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                          Zalman 2000

                          Hi all,

                          So I went ahead and bought the Zalman 2000 from CanadaDirect.com, a sister company of NCIX. I was extremely dissapointed to discover that the user's manual/warranty and usb to usb cable required to power the machine, were not included in the box. I spent 2 days on and off tryign to contact CanadaDirect about the problem. They wouldnt answer their phone support lines (I called about 15 times, 5 mins of waiting each time), and I sent 2 emails through their support site. I then started doing research on CanadaDirect, and was shocked to discover they have had endless complaints about their support staff NEVER answering the phones or returning emails. It's been 5 days now, and nothing. I have a feeling I am basically screwed.

                          So I went to future shop to find a usb-to-usb cable to at least power the machine and see if it works. I cant even find that. All of their cables are usb to something else. So Im a bit stumped as to what to do.

                          I guess the point of this story is to warn any canadians using this forum to stay the hell away from CanadaDirect.Good luck. Ups just put my sager's on the van. I should get my new laptops in the nect couple of hours!


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                            I hope you are able to get in contact with them and get your problems resolved. It's always a good idea to do a little research on the company and view http://www.resellerratings.com for the companies rating before purchasing.

                            P.S. Do you mean CanadaDirect.com or directcanada.com?


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                              Sucks to hear that the cable was not included! especially seeing as your lappy is on the way. You won't be disappointed with the laptop you get, and you defiantly won't be disappointed with any costumer service through xoticpc!

                              I found a few leads for a new cable, they don't seem to expensive to replace. I can't vouge for their craftsmanship though seeing as I have not used any of them :/



                              Hope everything turns out well!
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