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Sager2090 Overheatig

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  • Sager2090 Overheatig

    Soooo I am finally off college, and decided to play some games. Seems like my laptop will overheat and then reboot. Everything else runs fine but anything dealing with hefty graphics will just restart it. I am playing TimeShift by the way. Any settings I can do from Vista, or from the bios to change this? Thanks for the help.

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    Hmmmm :?

    After burning up two laptops in the tropics I know something about over heating problems.

    Is the laptop sitting on a flat surface, not on a rug or bedspread?
    Are the fan vents on the bottom of it being blocked? :roll:

    When was the last time you cleaned the cooling system on your laptop?
    Copper heat exchangers clog up with dust and lint fairly easily check it out (see 1 below). :o

    If all the above is ok you may have a fan problem. Is the fan working?
    Turn on the rig and see if the fan spins. :roll:

    Temperature and humidity are laptop killers (ruined laptop number 1).
    If operating in extreme temperatures and humidity:
    then Lookup under-clocking and lowering voltage settings.
    and/or Get a laptop cooler.

    What is the ambient temperature of where you are using the laptop?
    Some laptops have a max ambient air temperature operating temperature of 30 degrees C.

    What is the humidity where you are using your laptop?
    Max humidity on some is about 85% non condensing

    If you get to here then you may have a soldering problem.
    Sometimes the board manufacturer does not use flux right and a solder joint could be heating up due to a bad connection.
    This can happen up to three years after you have the laptop (ruined laptop number two.)

    That is about all I know about on overheating problems.

    (1) Cleaning Tips: 8)
    Remove any access covers to heat pipes, cooling blocks, memory etc.
    Use your eyes to visually look for signs of corrosion or dust buildup.
    Do not spin the fan(s) backwards or forwards it could spin to fast and cause it to break or not work right.
    Use a toothpick to keep the fan(s) from spinning while applying a vacuum or pressurized air.
    Do not vacuum up any chips, use compressed air. And little of that. Lightly do not be in a hurry.
    Inspect all cooling blocks to make sure fins are clear.
    Re-assemble and try it out.
    Sometimes living on a boat is like living in a cave.