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I need help with ICS please!

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  • I need help with ICS please!

    I am at a hotel, my wife and I have our laptops here and we have 1 verizon wireless USB internet card.

    I have a crossover cable, and I want to get both of us on the internet at the same time. I tried to do walk throughs on how to activate ICS and such, but its just not working and I don't know what im doing wrong. a good step by step on what to do would be great if anyone knows how to get this kind of set up working.

    Both of us are running Vista home premium.

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    Not enough info there really, but basically it comes down to this. Create a network with your wife's puter. Since you won't have a router in a public setup like this (well, not one you can access directly anyway), establish a connection to the inet, with one of the puters, turn on ICS and bridge the connection between the two adapters (your USB wireless and your LAN). My hubby and I lugged around a small hub, to create the network between our puters, so I'm not entirely sure if you can go ad-hoc and then share via ICS, never tried that. Theoretically, you should be able to, though. Because that's what bridging the connections does. It allows two network segments to talk to each other. Maybe another user has more input on this. Hope this helps a little, although it isn't a walk-thru by a long shot... oh, and most importantly make sure you two are on the same class subnet. The USB adapter will be assigned an IP by the DHCP server of the hotel's setup, and that's where bridging comes in.
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