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Xotic pc and their laptops

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  • Xotic pc and their laptops

    Hello all, Im an Irish fellow and with a decent budget and am looking forward to buying my first laptop. There are many top notch laptops on the site and needless to say iv looked around and cant seem to find anything better for the price.
    This thread is really quite a selfish one because i want you; the forum users, to help me out with something.

    The NP5793 is my dream Pc however its expensive and if it breaks down in Ireland il have to spend a lot of money shipping it for repair. Is there anyone here living outside the USA that has bought a sager? Or does anyone know if buying a sager and getting it shipped to the UK would be fine. Am i just worrying to much?

    Secondly the Asus models are great for the money and with Asus' global Warranty it takes a lot of pressure of me if it were to ever break down, however i dont like the idea of the 9500M GPU (in the asus m50sv model).
    Justin Wiotte of ExoticPc has told me that the 9500M is about the same performance as the 8600GT. Is he right?
    While i've heard a lot of praise for sager machines i know relatively little of the asus machines. Are they good, reliable, powerful?

    Im looking to use whichever laptop i get for high end running games, games engines for modding and games design as well as other software such as autocad and 3D studio max.
    I want the best balance of all-round performance matched with a good/great GPU.
    And I want this for less than 1300 or $2500.
    How much do i have to compromise graphics capabilities in order to save a few quid (pounds) or can I have my cake and eat it too by buying for eg; the NP5790 with an 8800m GTX but all for less than $2500?

    I hope in answering some of my questions it clears up some things for those other nervous folks outside the US looking at the Sager/Asus or any machine in general and hesitating because of the risks...What if it breaks down...what if the Graphics card isnt powerful enough etc.

    Im sorry for asking so much, and i especially apologise to Justion Wiotte as i've done nothing but pester his e-mail account in teh search for answers but i guess im just being cautious.
    Thank you very much Micky V.

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    thats a question for Justin, the man. wish i could help out...
    Sager np9262: 17" 1920x1200wuxga, E6850 Core2duo 3.0ghz 1.3ghz fsb 4mb L2 cache, 4Gb 800mhz ram, 1x nvidia geforce 8800mgtx 512mb gpu, 3x100gb hdd 7200rpm, Raid 0, vista ultimate x64 os, tv tuner, x-fi 7.1 sound card, triple fan cooler, 3Dmark06 9745