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NP5793 and 9800GTX/S

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  • NP5793 and 9800GTX/S

    I have been looking at the upcoming 15" M860TU (clevo) and notice that it can have either the 8800GTX or the 9800GTX. I have been debating on waiting for the Sager version of the M860TU to be available or getting the 5793 since I would like to have the 17".

    So my questions is will the NP5793 be able to handle the 9800GTX down the road? Not right now, I am just thinking of the upgradability. If it can then the only advantage the M860TU would be the smaller size and DDR3 memory.
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    i havent seen a lot of specs on this 9800mgtx yet. what are the specs if ya dont mind. thanx
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      This is just a guess but I would say no. The reason I say this is that the new 5794(?) or M570TU will be released as well, which will support the monteniva platform, DDR3 and 9800GTX/S.

      If it will be supported then you will probably need a motherboard upgrade.


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        I am thinking that it won't requre a MB swap for th GPU, but just the memory support. They most likely thought a bit ahead during the last upgrade. I woul expect a swap for the 10000X series or whatever comes next. We can only wait and hope for the best .
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          In my experience with GPUs, I'd say its quite possible, depending on the hardware nVidia uses. The current 8800M GTX is built upon the G92 chipset, running at 1.0v, 500/1600. The 9800 series is built upon the same G92 technology. My guesses for an upgrade: If a 9800M GTX does come out, it will hold the entire 128 shader processors for the card. It would have optimized volt tables for power, and possibly be built using the 55nm process, which lessens power usage and heat output.

          But my guess for nVidia's next big card is a mobile G200 chipset. The G200 is set to come out for desktops within a few weeks. Its built on the 65nm process, is very hot, very large, and uses a heavy amount of power. When the die shrink comes later in the year to the 55nm, I believe they will use a powered down version of this to put into their new card. I don't think they'll use the same MXM card as the 8800GTX series, however. If it is different, it would require a mobo upgrade. Hopefully the np5793 will be allowed to expand! But who knows what will happen. One can only guess about the future.
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            I hope so.


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              Unconfirmed : The only M57x that can use the 9800M GTX is the 5796, but more news along the way.
              The inside of the 570TU is somewhat different than the one in the 570RU, due to added e-sata and HDMI ports.
              I've been pestering Sager about a possible upgrade program for RU users, but again,more news closer to release date.
              Remember,nothing is confirmed yet.
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