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Wondering about a choice of laptops (just curious)

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  • Wondering about a choice of laptops (just curious)

    I am getting ready to order my first lappy to replace a desktop soon. (With any luck in about 1 month or less)! I decided on either the Sager 2092 or the Force 3298v2.

    I'm just wondering because it appears everyone gets either the 9262 or the 5793. I almost never see any posts of any kind about the two choices I am considering.
    I'm curious as to why.
    Could it be that the 2092 and Force 3298v2 are really great machines with no problems so no need to post? That would be good indeed, especially for a soon to be first time lappy owner like myself. Still, it would be nice to read some reviews from other owners of the 2092 or Force3298v2 some time even if its just to let Justin and the fine folks at XoticPC know how much they are enjoying their machines. I know I will be writing in when I get mine.
    I'm not doubting that the 2092 or Force 3298v2 are good machines as I can't afford to doubt. I have a meager budget and looking at the price of a 9262 or 5793 sent my head spinning. Goodness those are a price! (I'm sure that being from XoticPC they would blow away any brand-name store-bought lappy at twice the price). I wish I could afford a 17 inch screen, but I can't and I'm going to use an external monitor (and keyboard and mouse) 97% of the time anyway as it is a desktop replacement.

    I'm just curious if there are any life-changing differences or something other than price.

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    The major reason others have chosen the NP5793 and NP9262 is as you say the 17" screen and the graphics card the 8800M GTX which is the most advanced GPU on the market. unless you are a serious HARDCORE gamer, the GPU of the NP2092 will blow your mind! with 512 MB of gddr3 you will be able to play any game on the market (maybe not on high, but definatly capable of any game)

    There are a lot of great reviews of the NP209x series notebooks out there, I have never seen anyone sorry that they bought that machine. You will definatly be getting the most bang for your buck (on that budget) with the sager NP2092. I was concidering it myself but opted for the 8800M GTX...

    well thats my two cents!

    Happy Lappy Hunting!
    Sager NP5792
    Alienware M11x-R1
    WUXGA Glossy
    11.6" WXVGA Glossy
    2.4GHz Core 2 Duo
    1.3GHz CULV Core 2 Duo OCed to 1.76GHz
    GeForce 8800GTX
    GeForce GT 335m
    4,096 DDR2 667 Memory
    4,096 DDR3 800 Memory
    200 Gb 7200 RPM SATA 150
    128 Gb GSkill Falcon SSD
    64 bit Vista Home Premium
    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium


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      Thanks for explaining

      A 17 inch screen would be quite nice, but I'm mostly using it at home so the 17 inch screen is not ultra important. The GPU is probably the most important thing. I'm not a hard core gamer. I just like to play around once in a while with MoH, CoD, Myst, Riven..... My ultimate use for the lappy is to be able to display the games and internet videos and such on my TV which is analog (15 years old). Of course, I'll have the sound running through my Receiver. I'm hoping to be able to play the games smoothly and perhaps not on ultra high settings, but I do expect 32 bit color at the minimum and I would like to set certain things such as terrain, model, and effects on High (not Ultra High) in MoH for example. I usually run games around 640X400. (I'd have to if I want TV display). The card on the 2092 should have no problem with internet video.

      Yeah, its taken me two years to save up the budget I have now. It would be great to have the better GPU, but it would cost about $1300 extra and another 2 plus years for me to save up if I'm lucky. The way things are now, I better get my lappy by July or I won't be able to get one ever. Too bad the 2092 or Force3298v2 don't have the ability to upgrade the GPU down the road. Even with that I trust Justin and the folks at XoticPC that the two lappys I'm looking at are real nice and will suit me very well. (Based on specs alone, I know they are far better than any store-bought brand names at twice the price).


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        The 2092 and the force 3298 are excellent mid-range gaming laptops. That particular model is our third best selling notebook. First and second place going to the 5793 and 9262. For the games and usage that you specified i wouldn't recommend any other laptop. The Sager 2092 version will be a little cheaper overall but doesn't come with that 3 year complete care warranty that the Force 3298 has.


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          Hey there Justin,

          I was looking at the Force 3298v2 and it's just a few dollars (less than $20) more or something than the 2092 I think after I config it, but they are both the exact same machine (glossy rounded edge lid and all), as far as I can see. I think the Force 3298v2 also offers a slightly higher res screen as well). I could be wrong. The 2092 has 4GB of mem which only works with Vista, but I won't ever be running Vista so I'm not sure if that would create problems. If not I would go with the 2092 if it weren't for the lack of warranty. That's what is really driving me to the Force 3298v2, the 3-year warranty.

          I'll be calling you in about a month or less to do the exciting ordering and we can go over the custom graphics procedure and everything. Got to do lovely custom graphics, after all it's my first and most likely, only laptop I'll ever own.


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            Let me know if you have any further questions in the meantime.