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A few questions and opinions wanted

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  • A few questions and opinions wanted

    I want a portable gaming laptop that I can use to both take notes in lectures and game with. I've read around and apparently it may be a good idea to wait a month for the 8800M cards to appear, but at the same time the Arctic Silver pre-order will end. Should I hold out or will the 8800M cards likely be overpriced initially?

    What's the shipping like to Canada and how much is it for a 15.4' laptop?
    In the customization section of the Compal IFL, can I not choose to have the 9-cell battery unless I have the WSXGA+?
    Whats the difference between the 2GB RAM - Dual Channel vs Corsair?
    As for a Carrying Case, I took a look at the "Basic Black Carring Case" (There is a typo in the item description) and the amount of info there is on it ends there. A basic black carrying case! Is there room for paper/cables?

    With a budget of about $2000-2500 CDN what's a good laptop choice? I'd like wireless a/g/n as well as bluetooth and a 2-3 hour battery life. Is the difference between 5400rpm and 7200 rpm large?

    How old is XOTIC PC anyways? The selection doesn't seem very wide at the moment.

    Edit: Also, are there any pictures of Laptops with custom skins offered by Xotic? Sorry for this large rambling post, I typed it in a hurry and hope you don't mind the barrage of questions.

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    We anticipate the 8800 being a little while longer before it will be available. It will more on the expensive side when it is available. Shipping is $55 to Canada. You can add a spare 9 Cell on any configuration you use. The WSXGA comes stock with the 9 Cell while the WXGA models have the 6 Cell.

    The difference in ram is only Brand Name. It is a basic black case for the laptop with 1 pouch in front for accessories and some small papers. I think the Compal is a good choice based on your needs and budget.

    The 7200RPM drive helps with accessing your data faster over the 5400RPM.

    Xotic PC has been in business since 1999. We have a wide selection of items available. You can email us if you would like some pictures of our skinned laptops.
    Justin Nolte
    [email protected]