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Msi gt683dx-840us

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  • Msi gt683dx-840us

    I received my laptop last week after waiting what felt like forever to get it. It's definitely not a disappointment AT ALL.

    The keys aren't real "clicky" with sound how people had described, though I do notice it a little at the top-left of the keyboard where it seems to flex more than the rest, but it doesn't bother me in the least, as I rarely tap the keys there that actually make the clicking noise.

    People mentioned sensitivity of the mousepad being an issue, but I find it perfect. It's quick, and when I tap on it to open links rather than using the buttons, it does it without me having to repeatedly press on the pad. The scroll feature on it is different than I expected, as you don't slide to scroll, but tap on the top-right or bottom-right corners to go up or down, respectively. It took a little getting used to, but it feels more reliable than the slide-scrolling feature that most touchpads have. I also like that you can do Fn+F3 to turn off the touchpad when you're in game and using a wired/wireless mouse. I didn't notice the option at first and kept hitting the touchpad, which caused me to shoot my guns in Borderlands. My husband mentioned it might have it, and sure enough, it did. So, it definitely helps, so you don't do any misfires.

    When people said the 95% Gamut Matte screens were bright and vivid, they weren't kidding. I was shocked at how bright the screen was when I first turned it on. I actually had to turn down the brightness a little for the first couple days, cause I just couldn't adjust, but I really love it. The contrast on the screen is awesome as well. I've been watching my husband play Skyrim on his Sager NP8180, and since it's gloss, I get nothing but reflections watching from the side. However, when he watches me do something, he says how jealous he is, because he still gets a great view.

    The sound IS as amazing as others have said. I haven't had to struggle to hear anything because the volume is awesome. Not to mention it feels full. Just playing Minecraft on it, you can hear a complete difference with these speakers vs. the ones on my last laptop (HP Mini 311). I was impressed with the bass they even have. Sure, it's not AS good as 5.1, but for just two speakers, it's truly awesome.

    I considered getting an SSD, but as I said, my last computer was an HP Mini 311, so I figured a 750gb 7200 rpm hard drive will be good enough for me, and it really is. Shutdowns and startups on the computer have been quick, quicker than I expected, and I have no issue with load times for games.

    I haven't ran anything to test the FPS for Borderlands or Skyrim, but when I play, it's been with Ultra high (Skyrim) or High (Borderlands) settings, and I haven't gotten any lag that I can tell. It runs perfectly smooth. The cooling system is definitely awesome on this laptop as well. I only hit in the 70's when gaming, and it's in the 40's when idling or doing anything small.

    The laptop in general IS a fingerprint and dust magnet, but with a lens cloth, you can wipe it off and it's as good as new. Definitely nothing worth complaining over.

    I definitely have no regrets in picking this laptop. When I purchased it, it was at the time that the new Sagers were announced to have the new GPUs and what not. I didn't even think twice then when I was considering this laptop. It was basically perfect in my mind, and I still feel like it is.