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    Please stop by and review our Copal HEL80 Review here
    Justin Nolte
    [email protected]

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    i have had my hell box 80 for about 6 months and it does everything i have needed it to. and its durable as hell i had about a 8 lbs box drop on the back part of the screen by accident and i nearly crapped my pants. but turned it on and its still working great. it dropped from my passanger seat the other day onto some concrete and still only little knicks in the plastic. The laptop went out to the field with me and did just dandy watching movies. I am glad i went with this model.



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      Helo 80 is an awesome machine!

      Well first off let me say that XoticPC is the best company out there. Their customer service is great, all the products they sell are great, and the best price on the net. This will be the only place I buy my future laptops and the only place I will recommend to friends and family.

      I started off on the wrong foot. I listed to friend of mine, and bought a Sony model laptop. Well there is nothing wrong with it, but I paid a lot more than what I should have. After buying the Sony laptop without doing good enough research to start off with, I believed at that time, the Sony model I bought was a good deal, got a lot of hardware for the buck.

      Well I started doing some research for other laptops, for quality reliability, and performance. My Sony was still up in the top ranks, but I still wish I didn't pay as much as I did. A friend of mine that knows nothing about computers/laptop, Asked me to help him pick out a laptop. So I told him laptops are like cars, they come in a million different sizes, colors, engines, and creature comforts.

      So he said that he wanted a model similar to mine, but once again he didn't want to pay that much money for the model I have. So I told him I will look all over the net to find the best deal I can to help him out. I searched on Ebay, pricewatch, newegg, tiger direct, and tons of other custom laptop builder websites. Well come to find out didn't really find anything that was worth the money for the hardware. My model of Sony was still a good bang for the buck.

      So the hunt continues, and I was about to give up, finally like a ray of light coming down, I stumbled across Xoticpc.com. And my searching stopped. Well right away I looked for a laptop similar to the one I had bought. So I come across the Helo 80 model. Has a decent baseline package that comes with it, and for an awesome price, also an awesome company that customizes the laptops in almost any configuration you want.

      So I goto the customize options and make sure that this Helo 80 model had the same specs of my Sony so my friend knew what kind of machine he was going to get. Well I matched part for part, and the price difference between what I paid and what he was about to pay was about $500-$600 dollars less. I couldn't believe my eyes. I felt robbed! But at the same time happy that I was able to find my friend a great deal. Well after finding out the awesome prices Xoticpc.com has he wanted to get a little bit extra performance, because he thought he was going to have to pay a lot more than what he really did. So now we are looking at the Helo 80 model with better specs all the way around than my laptop has, and still paying 200 dollars less than what I paid for.

      Not to mention it comes with a 3 year full warranty. Mine surely didn't come with that.

      We got the laptop in, loaded it up with all the software, couldn't believe my mind on how fast, and how well it performed all the way around. It beat my machine in every bench test out there. My laptop is now the old dinosaur.

      Since I've discovered Xoticpc.com I've helped sell this model to over 4 friends so far, and currently helping 4-6 more friends buy the same model.

      So far they have had the computer for about 5 months, and not a single complaint, and runs just as good as the day we got it, and don't ever see it going down.

      Thank you Xoticpc.com for giving us a wonderful product, and outstanding customer service! You’re truly a hero in my eyes!

      SSG Scott Hamilton