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Win XP and 4 gigs of Ram?

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  • Win XP and 4 gigs of Ram?

    Will a Sager 579X laptop with 4 gigs of ram work with WinXP? Reason I ask is Id like to buy a new laptop, but swallowing the 150 for a new OS is hard for me atm. I know XP will see about 3gig, but will the laptop have an issue with it?

    Also will the Robson memory chip cause any problem if XP is installed?

    I would like to update to Vista 64 at some point, but I want to stay with XP or dual boot Vista at some point

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    XP 32 bit will see about 3 gb and will run ok, XP 64 bit will see all 4 gb. as for the turbo memory, it would need to be disabled before installing xp and enabled later on if you upgrade (downgrade, depending on your view 8) ) to vista
    Sager NP5792
    Alienware M11x-R1
    WUXGA Glossy
    11.6" WXVGA Glossy
    2.4GHz Core 2 Duo
    1.3GHz CULV Core 2 Duo OCed to 1.76GHz
    GeForce 8800GTX
    GeForce GT 335m
    4,096 DDR2 667 Memory
    4,096 DDR3 800 Memory
    200 Gb 7200 RPM SATA 150
    128 Gb GSkill Falcon SSD
    64 bit Vista Home Premium
    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium


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      Be warned though, Sager does not support XP 64. You should consider getting Vista 64( HP or Ultimate) so that your system can recognize the full 4 Gb of RAM
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