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General Laptop Questions

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  • General Laptop Questions

    Got my new NP5793 yesterday and it rocks. Now i have a few basic laptop questions.

    First, is there a way to have the touch pad automatically disable when i plug a USB mouse in? ive looked all over the synaptics software options and im not finding anything.

    Second, what is too hot for the CPU, GPU, and hard drive? I have no idea what the acceptable temp ranges for these are in laptops and was curious. I keep the fans on high when im plugged into AC and gaming. I have headphones and the noise doesnt bother me at all. When the laptop is on my lap, i have a small lapdesk it sits on so the fans are not blocked by my clothing.

    And lastly, with the 8800gtx, do i need to use the ones from the sager site, or is it safe to use the ones from nvidia? In the past i have used Omega Drivers, will those work on a laptop?

    So far everything about this laptop is blowing me away. never had a system, desktop or otherwise where i could run a game with AAx4 and it not stutter lol. Thanks in advance for any info.

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    Haha good to know you're happy! I've not had my system yet.... So I can't answer your first to questions... yet!
    Anyway, you're best off getting drivers from LaptopVideo2Go or just using the stock drivers or the ones from the SagerNotebook.com site! Try a few, and use the one that gives the best performance! I know for a fact that one of the newer drivers downclocks your GPU to about half the performance, but through 3DMark06 scores, that's noticible. You should use that to know what drivers are good and bad!



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      I own a NP5793 so i will be more then glad to update ya on what you would like to know.

      for your first question.

      Regarding the touchpad.
      Press FN+F1 this will disable your touchpad. There is no way for it to auto disable it havent found a way to do that yet, but i do know the first option works fine.

      For your second question regarding CPU and GPU.
      GPU - definitely anything below 80 celcius heck the 5793 can play and stay at a good 50-60ish celcius underload with a 8800m GTX card fans running on max.

      CPU - will normally stay around the same readings or below like the graphics card depending on your CPU you got the x9000 or the t9300 normally if the CPU runs over 75 celcius i would consider that a bit hot. though all CPUS have a max temp we shouldnt run it to the max temp.

      HDD- the harddrive i kinda worry on this because mine runs 50 celcius at times under load a bit to hot for my taste. Normally it should run 40-45 underload.

      As for the Drivers Prasad007 answered them fine. I assume you already know the basics of uninstalling your previous drivers and new ones so i wont go into detail there.

      As for the underclocking issue its deeper then what prasad suggests, but since you got your recently it shouldnt concern you much im sure your bios and Vbios is the most current.

      Hope you are enjoying your system im having fun with mine!