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Sager NP9170 beeped then totally died

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  • Sager NP9170 beeped then totally died

    Hi all,

    My old Sager NP9170 might have just bit the dust and Iím wonder if it can be fixed or how to access the data on it.

    I had it resting on my couch when it suddenly beeped then totally died. Moreover, the power lights were no longer on even though the laptop was plugged in. Now for a few weeks I had been getting the change the battery icon which of course I stupidly ignored. The battery was plugged in when the laptop died.

    I unplugged the power cord and pulled out the battery and let it sit for about an hour but when I plug into the power cord no lights come on nor am I able to turn on the laptop.

    I know itís old but any advice on how to salvage it would be greatly appreciated. Also if it canít be saved is there someway for me to access the data on the hard drives? It has two drives a main SSD drive for the OS and then a 750GB 7200 rpm secondary drive for storage. Iíím more interested in saving the secondary drive.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Should be able to remove that second drive and either put in another computer or use a SATA-USB connector and connect to another system externally to access/back up data.
    Eric F
    Customer Loyalty Team


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      Wow, this thread is a month old ... but for those with a similar problem, this forum post at notebookreview (http://forum.notebookreview.com/thre...how-to.674499/) shows how to get to the NP-170's hard drives.


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        Had the exact same thing happen to me. Opened it up and blew as much dust as possible out with an air gun. Plugged everything back in and worked as normal


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          I actually just let it sit for a month while I was traveling and it worked! But now I just tried to upgrade to windows 10 and thatís a whole another issue...