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Odd Video Editing issue

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  • Odd Video Editing issue


    My Sager NP9752-S (Clevo 9750ZM) has run into an odd problem and I wonder what might be the cause.


    Recently, I had to reinstall Windows 10 for the first time since the original upgrade. My laptop just would not load Windows one morning with no apparent reason relating to how it shut down the night before. That all seemed to go very well.

    The laptop was purchased in 2015. It has a
    4th Generation IntelŽ Haswell Core, a i7-4790K500GB Samsung 850 EVO M.2 SSD, 32 GB RAM, and a NVIDIAŽ GeForce™ GTX 980M (8.0GB) GDDR5.


    Suddenly in the middle of editing a video in PowerDirector 11 there was audible electronic "dink" sound and the video preview screen went black in the external monitor, while remaining working on the laptop screen.

    BUT the more serious issue is this. Whenever I try to play a video I am working on, the fan acts like it is a 747 about to soar down a runway and the video playback is stilted, getting out of the synch with the audio and then popping back in synch. And sometimes the video freezes and then pops ahead, bypassing sections that had subtitles or transitions etc.

    * The issue with the black playback screen on external monitors affects all external monitors, via HDMI and DisplayPort both.

    * I had been making and editing video for a good two weeks after reinstalling the operating system and PD11 program, and it had no issues until this *dink* happened.

    * I uninstalled and reinstalled the PD11 program, to no effect. (I can't use later versions because they changed from 100th of a second to 10th of a second timelines, which do not allow accurate synching from separate audio tracks.)

    * I rolled back the video card driver, to no effect.

    * The video in question at the time of the incident had four tracks of short clips (from a pre-synched video,) a few tracks of titles, colorboard backgrounds, still photos. The total time is less than six minutes. Similar videos have never been a problem.

    * I have no issue streaming TV via Sling or Youtube videos etc.


    What might cause the laptop to suddenly become so belabored when working on video, when it wasn't doing this for the two weeks prior to the reinstall of Windows and PD11?

    Any suggestions on what I can try to do to improve the performance?