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Sager 9750, Go 7800 GTX 256MB overheating

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  • Sager 9750, Go 7800 GTX 256MB overheating

    Hi Justin,

    I have a Sager 9750 I purchased a few months ago, specs as follows:

    AMD 64 Athlon X2 4600
    2GB Ram
    Go 7800 GTX 256MB
    100GB HD @ 7200RPM

    I have noticed that when I run graphic intensive apps on this system (such as a benchmarking app like 3DMark), the video card is hitting its throttle temperature fairly quickly (I think this is ~95C) and throttling back. The entire system is running at factory settings, no overlock, etc., it has plenty of ventilation when it is operating, and I have ensured that the fans & heatsinks are clean and that the fans are running properly (incl. using the FN + F2 function).

    The, CPU, HD, and motherboard, all perform and idle at very healthy temperatures but for some reason, the Go 7800, even when its not under any load, idles at around 68C. It doesn't cause any issues if I am just doing regular tasks, or non-GPU intensive tasks, but once I start using a graphic intensive app its temp starts to crawl up into the 90C range before eventually hitting its throttle point. SInce doesn't appear to be an issue with the fans, dust, or other components in the PC, could this be a sign of a defective video card? Have you encountered these types of issues with the 9750? I have heard about heating issues with the Go 7800 before but it appears most of these are easily resolved by cleaning out the fans/heatsink, ensuring the laptop has proper ventilation, etc. -- since this isn't an issue in this case, I am wondering whether there are Go 7800 cards that, due to defect, just heat up too quickly?

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    1. Make sure you are using the laptop on a solid surface, like a counter top or kitchen table.

    2. Do you hear any abnormal noises or is the only issue seem to be heat?

    3. Contact Support at 1-800-741-2219 if you don't find any other solutions.