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C90S - Does not boot when using the battery

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  • C90S - Does not boot when using the battery

    That about sums it up. I first noticed this when switching to power-saving mode using Turbo Gear, which crashed the machine with an IRQ_NOT_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL sort of error (I can't remember the specific words and I'd rather not crash it again to find out). Afterward, each time I attempted to boot Windows using the battery, I would get this same error. I've since uninstalled Turbo Gear since evidently it's not doing me any good.

    There's a few different questions you have to ask in this sort of situation. Bear with me here, I'm slightly bugged by this and trying to be nice.

    First: how does this get through testing? Are no tests performed when running on a battery? Please explain to me how you can not possibly notice that Windows will not boot when running on a battery with this machine. Ensuring a machine will run with a battery is pretty much a requirement for a laptop PC, so how in the world does this get by your testing?

    Second: what can be done to resolve this? The machine itself is great when running on AC, but if I even attempt to use the battery then it might as well be a fancy brick. Is this a problem with the memory you've put in my machine? Is there a problem with ASUS's BIOS, based on what I've read elsewhere?

    Third: have you made any effort to actually ensure this sort of thing doesn't happen to all the C90S machines you ship out?

    Honestly, I'm a bit miffed that something like this showed up on my door step. It's like being given a fantastic car, but being limited to driving it in and out of your own driveway.

    So what's there to do?

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    There have been reported issues that Asus is aware of regarding the Turbo Gear. Asus is aware of this problem and is working on this issue.

    You can be assured the machine is fully tested before shipping including testing while on battery power. I would recommend giving a call into our support department if you are having any problems and they can resolve this issue for you.
    Justin Nolte
    [email protected]