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New 5791 -- Video Driver & HD Questions

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  • New 5791 -- Video Driver & HD Questions

    To Justin or whomever,

    Figured I'd make a post with these questions rather than emailing as I'm sure there are others who may wonder the same thing.

    First & foremost, I am curious about forceware drivers for the 8700. I have the 101.38 drivers from Sagers website loaded. From reading some of the threads at notebook review, it sounds like the actual forceware drivers from nvidia's website are better to use, but need to be 'modded' in order to work on laptops, as Nvidia has no drivers listed for 8000's in the Go series. Any information on this? As a gamer, which should I go for?

    Secondly, the hard drive. I have read some complaints that some of the newer 5791's are shipping w/ the jumper on the HD, rendering it in a slower SATA mode. I know for my desktop HD's I had to remove the jumper to force them into the 3gb's mode. Then again, I think I've also read that the 5791's are only SATA 150 instead of 300. Info on this would be appreciated as well.

    And as a footnote, the fan is on quite bit more than usual. THere's one poster at NBR that had to open the case up and noticed the Artic 5 paste wasn't completely applied, etc. I can never seem to get speedfan to work, what's a good alternative to check my temps? (I don't think the Ntune will work very well, with the intel chipset and all)

    Thanks again, especially Justin, you are a hell of a good worker. PC resellers need more guys like you.

    EDIT -- Also had a couple other questions. I still have an 'unknown device' in my device manager. Everything' been installed that I can tell. (Fingerprint reader, webcam, bluetooth,etc). It's all workin wonderfully, but I still can't figure out what this is.

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    1. nVidia has not released a stable driver yet for the GO8700. The only drivers that we recommend using are the ones from the Sager website. If you can successfully "mod" the nVidia drivers and have your system be stable with better performance, then i'd say give it a try

    2. The 5791 only supports sata 1.5gb speeds

    3. You can contact technical support (800-741-2219) and they can recommend any other programs for you.

    4. You can use this program to help find unknown devices.


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      I went with the 169.01 driver from laptopvideo2go and it's working wonderfully. I wasn't even able to access certain resolutions w/o it.

      That program doesn't work, it just say's Unable to find PCI list. Does someone have a list of what the unknown device might be in the 5791?


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        You can find numerous system information tools here that may help you discover what that unknown device is. BTW do you have XP installed? Did you order robson memory with your system?


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          I have Vista Home Premium X64 & yes, Robson Memory. That module is installed, however.

          My order # was 3198 btw. We've conversed via email a bit.